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Thread: bill c-36 Question?

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    bill c-36 Question?

    Ive done the research, and i havent found an answer to my question. Maybe you guys can help me out?

    Is it illegal to look up adds on (for example) AnnoncesIntime, text the Indy, and set a date?
    can the person(girl) who puts the add up, pretend to be a escorte and actuallly be a cop (or some sort of law force)?

    thanks guys!

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    No, it is not illegal to view an ad, contact an escort, or to book an escort. For a civilized society to prohibit escorting, it would have to outlaw numerous industries involving the exchange of time for money, including therapy.

    It is illegal to offer money for sex, and it is illegal to purchase sex in exchange for money. So when texting an escort, or her agency, a person needs to be careful what he writes.

    I will let others speak to the likelihood of the police taking out fake ads in Canada. The way to minimize this worry is to see well-reviewed escorts (and/or well-reviewed agencies) here on Merb. They are clearly not the police.

    Fake ads are a standard law-enforcement technique in the United States. Generally, they appear on Backpage. They feature a hot young girl with no reviews, use highly suggestive sexual language, offer a low price, and sometimes indicate that the provider is 420 friendly and will consider a trade for product. The cops love texting and will exchange explicit texts with the john on his way over. The cops get a real hard-on when the john has texted them about specific sex acts, has an envelope with the girl's name in one pocket, and some marijuana in the other pocket, and knocks on the hotel door where the sting is occurring with a big smile on his face.

    We learn in the U.S. to spot fake ads and avoid them. Some go to the extreme of avoiding Backpage altogether. Hopefully the Canadian police will never go that low.

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    what kind of things should one avoid while texting?

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    In my opinion, anything that would indicate that you expect any kind of sexual service in exchange for money.

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    Let them make the offer, and say nothing. Let you money talk for you.

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    If the add mentions anything explicit, simply calling up could constitute solicitation.
    As for reputable agencies, no matter how safe they may be considered, it is worthwhile to bear in mind that risk perceptions of agency personnel is different from clients - otherwise they would not be in this risky business in the first place. Agency pesonnel may routinely do stuff that an informed client would consider reckless.

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    i meant with INDYS tho

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