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Thread: Blue Bonnets racetrack - New shopping mega mall. Good idea or not?

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    Blue Bonnets racetrack - New shopping mega mall. Good idea or not?

    I think it is a terrible idea. We have enough places to shop already. If I have to go there for some reason I will not be going when everyone else is going there. Thursday, Friday nights and the week ends are out. The traffic is bad enough now, how will it be when a mega mall opens up there?

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    There are 5 shopping centers with 20 minutes of where I live. Why do we need more shopping centers?

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    Bad idea we do not need another mega shopping mall. They should build affordable housing there. It's a great location.

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    A great location to be grid locked during rush hour. During the worse times you could be 1 km from your house and it will take you an hour to get home.

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    I'm not sure if you meant quinze40, a quick Google search yielded many results in French. Here is a short article in English:
    Since this development will be in the Town of Mount Royal, you can be sure that the city of Montreal will gain very little from this project... the proximity of the underused lonely De La Savane métro station will do little to alleviate transportation woes. Just look at the parking surrounding Dix30 as an example... and you can bet your last dollar that around Christmas time, this will be the area to avoid...
    Have a blast

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    If this place opens up, I would not go there unless there is something special and only from 10:00-2:00 weekdays only.

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    my god ... Just besides Rockland and Marché Central ... What rich peolple from TMR wants else ?

    Soon this city will be a big shopping center just like fuckin Laval ...

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    It would be nice to build some cultural buildings. Window shopping is not a cultural event.

    We need more museums and art galleries, less god damned malls.

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    What ever you build there, the traffic locks up during rush hour.

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