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Thread: basic question about backpage

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    basic question about backpage

    Hi everyone,
    I'm sure this has been discussed but I can't find it. I'm coming to Monteal soon and I'm thinking, maybe, possibly, about not using an agency and trying the backpage. I've never done that. I've read about fake pictures, and that makes sense. Does anyone have any suggestions? I was thinking about paying for a social drink in the hotel bar first, in part to see if things seem relatively up and up. I don't think of myself as being too naive, and I've used indies and agencies for a while--but this would be new. Is it a cesspool of problems? Or is it mostly okay, with a little commonsense? I'd welcome any thoughts and experiences, including advice on how to "read" the pictures. (Are some more likely to be reliable than others? Selfies? hidden face shots? etc)

    Also, can someone point me to a good thread out here on the laws in Montreal? I haven't hobbied in the city in a couple years. I know the old rules (no public places, no public discussion of $, I think, etc). Are there new rules that I should be aware of, especially around bp independents?

    Thanks everyone. Much appreciated.

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    Are you trying to make it more like a date, with some level of unknown?

    Montreal has a fantastic system of independents and agencies. The strong reviews system makes it very likely that you will receive the same strong level of service as a traveller that you would as a local who repeats. And unlike most cities in the U.S., well reviewed escorts are not much more expensive than Backpage providers.

    Buying sex in Montreal is illegal. Yawn, double yawn, triple yawn. Reviewed escorts working for agencies, and reviewed independent escorts are not law-enforcement plants or informers. So you will not get caught.

    Canada likes to adopt the worst laws of Europe (the Nordic model), so it would not be surprising if it adopted the worst US law enforcement tool - posting fake sting ads on Backpage.

    Backpage can be useful in the US when you are traveling in the middle of no-where and you simply must get laid cheap and there are no reviewed escorts. I always tell people not to do this, but if you are in a hotel in North Dakota (or even South Dakota), backpage might be all there is.

    But Montreal is better than that.

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    Backpage girls aren't all bad! Some of us well reviewed providers also advertise there from time to time.
    Having said that, it is certainly a crap shoot. Many ads written by pimps, bait and switch, fake pics, lowball pricing, it's all there.

    If I was looking on Backpage, I would look for someone who was priced in line with the popular Montreal agencies, who has a personal website, and preferably at least one review online.

    Good luck!

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    Thanks, tiannas. Patron, you ask why. The basic answer is try a new system in the hobby. The agencies are solid and I've used many of the most respected ones, but they're also agencies. The independent scene in Montreal is not all that developed compared to Chicago, Las Vegas, Los Angeles, and other places I've used. So I thought I'd consider a different scene. Plus, yeah, admittedly it's tempting.

    But I hear you guys. I'll stick to something tried and true.

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