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Thread: Home insurance question.

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    Home insurance question.

    May be the wrong place to ask but....
    My son just called and the outside tap broke at the wall ( not being used, just started leaking ) and water leaked inside the basement ruining the wood floor and partial walls.
    I called the insurance company to see if I am covered and will not get an answer till an " expert " from the company calls.
    Anyone have any knowledge if it should be covered.

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    You don't say if he is covered by a tenant's package or if it's your house and it's covered by your homeowners policy. I am presuming it is the latter and yes you should be covered less your deductible. The so called Expert is most likely an appraiser who will try to give you less than you deserve. Get your own estimate as to what will be required to repair the damages unless they undertake to do it all for you less your deductible.

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    It all depends on the insurance company. Most are pretty good, but some will make excuses and pay less than what is required. If you are covered, the insurance company must " make you whole". Meaning everything must be the way it was before the leak.

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