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Thread: A Personal Encounter List

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    A Personal Encounter List

    A recent and similar thread by lougazebo was deleted, likely because of some critical bullies here but I really like this idea!

    The mods have already said it is appropriate in context as long as reviews remain in separate threads and in the correct area despite an on-going example to the contrary here. But the idea, as lougazebo mentioned in his deleted thread, is to give a snapshot to those who understand and know us more closely - and that is sound. Delta's Personal Encounter List​has guided me very productively as well as the TDL thread, which both have set the precedent for this type of thing!

    If it encourages contribution and engagement from those who are hesitant to share than I say an even better bonus and remains in the spirit of the board

    The following comes only from a list of meetings that I can recommend to my merb brothers-in-arms from the last 2-3 months. Some girls have changed agencies and I have tried to capture the info if known to me.

    ...repost your list lougazebo we can all benefit!

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    Rockstar Rides

    Melissa xxxtase
    Chanel mtlgfe
    Miaela angels
    Tanya xxxtase
    Samantha mtlgfe
    Kaila GG
    Romy vogue
    Tanya xxxtase
    Alessa mojo
    Maika GG/vogue

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    I love it. And I admit that I have attended a few G 4U parties lately so I feel very sure of who I want to see when it comes to G4U girls and Indies but I need a few lists like this so that I don't forget about some of the other hotties out there in which UNDFTD points out that there are many.

    Lougazebo - you could always chose to ignore the bullies. Your insight is very valuable to other couples who venture out into this game and for guys like me that like 3-sums. And remember, the family that plays together stays together.

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    I dont understand why people bully review threads...? I mean get a life... I find those "personel encounter" thread really interesting and very valuable. Please lou dont delete yours!

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