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Thread: Yeah....GG4U revival

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    Yeah....GG4U revival

    New name, same nice girls, good news.

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    But what about what the so called experts said??? (be careful what you wish for boyzzz) This CANT be tue, the newsboys cannot be wrong AGAIN? can they oh well, it is hump-day and April 1 (but me thinks this is No Joke!) I even heard a recent Star among Stars might be back VERY SOON (make that a few)

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    C'est pas un poisson d'avril : NEW MONTREAL ELITE COMPANIONS

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    So I guess that means that the lawyers approved the new business model !


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    Who? General Gonad is back

    It is a new day, maybe a new beginning 4u and others to make nice and not deny yourselves of "Montreal's Elite"

    Spring has Sprung Boyzzz, lets all enjoy

    ps rumples, where did your post go lol

    Quote Originally Posted by lougazebo View Post
    I would like to express my joy of GG come back

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    Welcome back! It's been too long!

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    I hate to rub it in, and say I WAS RIGHT LOL but i predicted they would be back before good friday

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    Back in the day, the haters said Jesus was toast also....

    Welcome back Mike and James

    Best regards

    Savoir Faire Is Everywhere !!!

    Trying one day to be " In the Know "

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    Quote Originally Posted by snoodle View Post
    I hate to rub it in, and say I WAS RIGHT LOL but i predicted they would be back before good friday
    Yes, people just needed to chill and wait. Gave some interesting opinions though, even though they were wrong.
    To years of success

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    I wasn't concerned cause 1. Girls are have immunity!!so if they were done why hasn't all of em popped back up Cause they know more then us. 2. Biggest prosecutory issue is 1 partys immune and protected, like saying you can only drive w 1 hand

    My theory was during disappearance partner dispute at old agency... Was gonna be 2 new agency ... Cut bicycle in 1/2 situation
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    Thanks for the heads-up, otherwise I would have missed the new ad:

    So, new name and website, new phone number, but looks like pretty much all the same girls and will still offer outcall and incall.

    I suspect there is more going on behind the scenes here, but the ad seems very Jamesian and no matter what the name, James + the girls is good enough for me.

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    Welcome back champs !!!

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    By the way I just called them and it's half price for twice the time !!! Great deal!!! Yeee soo happy !( it's not but would be nice ! )

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    Revival? I don't think it's ever been down, just a little pause and remanagement. I'm sure they did it for the best.

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    Très heureux que le tout ce soit replacé !!!

    Et de revoir la jolie "Chloé "


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