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Thread: What is involved in starting a Montreal escort service?

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    What is involved in starting a Montreal escort service?

    If it was something easy everyone would be doing!


    This is something that I have always thought about but have always stopped myself from thinking about it too much because it quickly begins to seam silly to think I could do it.

    I am sure their are giant obstacles involved that would make it either too troublesome to be worth it or too steep a mountain to climb.

    So if you know anything about this, like town hall, political or legal obligations or whatever I can't think of please enlighten me.

    What would it take to do this and why would I not want to do this?

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    A friend of mine has this biz. It's just like any other business, you buy a licence... you get all the legal things done.. Find the girls!!


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    Quote Originally Posted by Carla
    Find the girls!!
    yup.. that is the toughest part.. along with keeping them happy enough to stay with you or your agency and I have to wait 90 seconds before I can post this

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