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Thread: For the ladies, what do you hate about reviews?

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    For the ladies, what do you hate about reviews?

    Mr. Booker and Tina triggered this curiosity. Booker with his thread, and Tina when noting some harsh words of a recent review of a lovely young GG lady. Also, it seems to me that more and more ladies are jumping on MERB with a handle of late, so maybe I get some views and responses. If the ladies will be so kind to share, I'm sure plenty of us are curious to know: What was the experience like the first time you read a review of yourself? Happiness, pride, shock, guilt, shame, HATE?

    Maybe you don't remember the first time, so let me back out to more generally - what do you HATE about client reviews? Are there particular details you wish reviewers never cover? What do you like in reviews?

    I think there was a previous thread about the gents' perspective of their fellow clients' reviews. I could care less about that view. I am however very curious to hear to hear the ladies' side.


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    I take reviews lightly, and I find them a lot of fun. Like Penthouse letters, except I'm in them, lol!

    The only problem I have about reviews is the expectations they may set. Everyone's experience is personal and no two sessions will be the same. I once had a customer who asked for a session identical to one of my reviews. Wanted the same order of events, same positions, everything. It was a little awkward.

    I like reading that I have pleased someone. And I appreciate the effort that they take in writing a review. Like it or not, having some good reviews is essential to being successful and getting bookings, especially for an indy.

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    I have been very lucky with all the beautiful reviews who were written about me (more that hundred have been erased intentionnally by someone who have nothing better to do, so I got a lots)

    but what I dislike is to read something about me as I would be a "thing", or to report something who have nothing to do with my capacity of beeing a good companion. (ei: she said this... )

    I have difficulties with vulgarity and too much explicite details, because that's not the kind of encounter I am sharing, I am trying to meet with sweet people with tender exchanges most of all, and I don't make porno style... So, if someone write something more in this style, I feel it is not a good reflection of what we lived together.

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    Quote Originally Posted by TinaMtl View Post
    Does it really matter how we feel? lol


    Incompatible way of seen things : women (service providers) & men (customers)
    Debate over

    LOL. Hard-ass. You're no fun.

    BTW, the harsh comment was mine... I fess to it. Sorry. So fine, negative reviews - nobody on the receiving end likes them. But that is the purpose of a review board. Can we be softer in our language? Of course! And I do have some remorse over my last negative one. So forget about the negative ones, what about the positive ones do you not like? And does what tiannas described happen a lot? Replicate a previous encounter blow-by-blow (and yes I am aware of my word choice )? If that's the case, I'll have to re-think using my diary entries for reviews... those are mine and mine alone!!

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    I actually have two jobs. One is the day job, which pays the bills. The second is a job that puts me in the public eye to some extent. I have to read reviews all the time. It's difficult when you're starting out, but after a while you realize that you can't please everyone all of the time. You just have to keep in mind all of the people who like you and everyone else can go scratch.

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    Obviously I'm not an SP and the question was directed to them but thought I'd give my 2 cents. (or I guess it's a nickel now)

    There are ways of writing negative and a positive reviews and still remain respectful, there's even ways of going into details while still maintaining the same level of respect and let's also add good taste to the mix.

    You can have as thick of a skin that you want and be the most popular girl out there but that one vulgar, demeaning review (their are demeaning positive reviews as well) I imagine, will bring you down. I feel bad when i read those types of reviews, how can they not! "Sex was awesome, face a 5"

    Even though these women are getting paid and we have review boards like this, that doesn't give us the right to put them down or treat them as if we were writing a review for a sex toy. It's also obvious some guys get a kick out of demeaning the girl weather it's a positive or a negative review.

    I understand why most of these ladies don't respond to some of these reviews, but man oh man they must have tremendous self control.

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    Lily from Montreal
    I am of two minds about reviews,obviously it is nice to found out I was not the only one enjoying myself (!)but it kinds of take away the privacy of meeting,burst my magical bubble if you may...
    I read mine and I am wow? Who is this lady? I want to meet her lol,and like Tiannas said it can be hard to live up to the expectations.

    That's why although I know reviews are good for ''business'' it always feel strange to read one about me...And I am also surprised when I read a play by play with positions etc because I could never write such a review,I could say yes it was great (or no) but when I read all the descriptions very detailed,I am like,was his mind all there with me or was he taking notes for his essay? lol

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    Quote Originally Posted by LilyForYou View Post
    but when I read all the descriptions very detailed,I am like,was his mind all there with me or was he taking notes for his essay? lol
    Lily, we may not remember birthdays and anniversaries but some things just get etched in our minds

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    I agree with johnybird. Some of us have great memories!

    I also remember little specific details over time, which I find adorable about some ladies, details I miss in a first pass at writing an entry, so I add in small bits later, sometimes up to a month afterwards.

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    Lily from Montreal
    Seen that way it does feel less like an interview for a porn script loll

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    I know this will probably sound cliché and ridiculous, but there isn't anything I don't like about reading reviews!

    I'd probably be singing a different tune if I had some negative feedback, but whenever I see a new review, I first get this very nervous feeling in my stomach("is it going to be good, bad?") then when it's good, I get very happy and excited, and truthfully they make my day better

    Now I do read reviews written about other women that make me absolutely cringe or roll my eyes, and even some of the positive reviews of some ladies are written so explicitly it takes away every intimate part of what those two must have shared and it's pretty much like reading erotic fiction.

    I think the biggest concern with many as some had already mentioned is that if you put too much, some men will get certain expectations, even though they are a completely different person who will have a completely different experience. Also the explicit details put in some is a bit off-putting, but besides that, I enjoy reading them
    Your curvy redhead vixen!

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    Quote Originally Posted by wolfie720 View Post
    I also remember little specific details over time, which I find adorable about some ladies..
    Same here, but I keep those things for myself... I'm a bit selfish in that aspect

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    Quote Originally Posted by johnybird View Post
    Same here, but I keep those things for myself... I'm a bit selfish in that aspect
    May be a mild surprise, but I don't share everything. A lot more adorable bits and pieces I keep for myself, too!

    Hell, I was selfish for ~9 years with MERB... So I guess I'm trying to average out a little. I'll likely turn selfish again soon enough. Starting to get reminded of why I don't like being on review boards and reading other reviews...

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    Merci beaucoup, mademoiselles. This was informative and helpful. Insights duly noted, and will be in mind for future reviews.


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