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Thread: Mtltopgirls is no more? Say it ain't so!

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    Mtltopgirls is no more? Say it ain't so!

    Anyone know what's going on with this agency? They stopped advertising on MERB about a week ago. Sent them a txt msg: no reply. Too bad if they are gone. They weren't always the most honest with their pics and I've heard people complain about bait and switch but I've met some real gems there. Mary Lynn? Vanessa?

    Anyone know anything? Or just want to share their favourite sp story from this agency? Or are you glad to see them go, or have a favourite rip-off experience to share?

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    If true about them, they deserve to rot you know where.

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    Hopefully the gems will switch to more reputable agency's

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    Igna69xxx you had a bad experience with these people? Be interested to hear about it...

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    At the risk of speaking for Igna, I think that he is referring to their recent arrests for human trafficking and the like.

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    On a lighter note, one day they had the same woman advertised under two different names with different types of photoshopping. I knew about it as I had her personal contact info and she mentioned it during our conversation the same day.

    I called the booker/owner asking for a duo with the two ladies just to listen to the worm squirm. When he made excuses, I offered to pay him double. No, he said. I then offered triple! Still he refused, so I told him a whale I was and that I would take my business elsewhere and hung up.

    Why did I refer to him as a worm? Another of his charges made some allegations about him, some of which I verified. He definitely didn't uphold the high moral standards one has come to expect from Montreal pimpdom.

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