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Thread: crescent street

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    crescent street

    will be going to crescent street saturday after the game. i haven't been in a few years what is the best club there for hot looking women. we have always gone to thursday or sir winstons but i can't remember if you are allowed to wear jeans. i know you are not allowed runnung shoes . any other advice would be great

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    Arahova restaurant on crescent street was on fire today.
    I hope the street is open now

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    Cresent St.

    Weinstein & Gavino.

    Go to the bar you will bump into Laurence, young blonde small pair of bumpers but man what a pretty face.... Next at the bar Myline, huge rack. Both very nice gals and dressed to give you a woodie.

    Have fun !

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    I See Mylinh alot at the bar as well as Laurence.... I definetly wished either of them offered side services lol. I heppen to work there and know for a fact that mylinh is single and looking so if anyone is interested...

    Cheers guys!

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