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Thread: Nfl Week 9

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    Nfl Week 9

    I will give HA a break this week so i will do the honours,

    Indy to totally destroy the Pats(the Pats are toast this year and it will be pay back for Manning, expect Peyton and the boys to pile on the points, the game will be over in the first quarter),

    Green Bay over Pittsburgh(Rothlesburger is out and we all know what happened the last time that he did not play),

    San Diego over the Jets(rerun from last years playoff game),

    Minnesota over Detroit(it does not matter who is the quarterback for the lions, the bottom line is that they suck).

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    This weeks picks:

    Patriots over the Colts
    Cincinnati over Baltimore
    Detroit over Minnesota
    Chicago over New Orleans
    Giants over San Fran
    Washington over Philly

    Miami over Virginia Tech.


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    Thumbs down Good luck guys

    My picks this week

    Dallas over...Damn its their bye week

    Giants over 49'ers
    Philly over the Skins
    Cincy over Baltimore
    Indy over the Pats...way over (I hope I don't regret this)

    Did someone say College???

    Penn State over Wisconsin...Joe Pa wants a shot at the title. Currently 7th in the BCS. A little help from some teams in front of them knocking each other off and it could happen.

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    Hey HonestAbe,

    Not only are you a Cowboys fan but college ball too! You're alright in my books sir. Anyway I like Penn State over Wisconsin too, but Joe Pa. is going to need some help from Virginia Tech because if Miami beats them on Saturday I don't think it would be possible for any other 1 loss team to end up ranked higher than Miami.

    That being said, I do like your thinking about the higher ranked teams knocking each other off - If Miami wins, and somehow UCLA manages to knock off USC in December (don't laugh could happen) there may be a whole bunch of 1 loss teams looking for a spot at the Rose Bowl.

    How do you spell BCS NIGHTMARE

    I final note before I highjack this thread and turn it into a NCAA one - OUTSTANDING job last week from The Old Ball Coach in taking down Tennessee! Remember "You can't spell Citrus Bowl without UT!"

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    You are correct sir!

    Thanks Spin,

    Keep in mind though that not only does Miami have to beat Va. Tech they also have the SEC championship game to worry about which will not be a guaranteed win by any stretch of the imagination. USC has three games remaining against ranked opponents, including unbeaten UCLA, so they have the toughest schedule of any BCS team. Alabama has two games against ranked opponents. After the Miami game Va. Tech has clear sailing ahead but Texas does not play anyone of note from here on out so they have the best shot at being in the title game of any team.

    Penn State has to beat Wisconsin and then Michigan St., no small task but it can be done. Because of the head to head matchups of teams in front of Penn St. in the BCS, the Nittany Lions will finish no lower than 5th in the BCS standings as long as they win their final two games. With a BCS bowl game win they would finish no lower than third and have an outside shot at the title depending on who beats who among BCS teams leading up to the end of the season. I just wish Joe Pa could get one more shot at a title before this living legend fades into the sunset.

    I think BCS stands for "Bullshit Championship System." A playoff system is the only fair way for all deserving teams to get a shot. Funny how many of the big programs don't support this though. Could it be that they don't like the idea of smaller schools cutting in on their bowl money action??? Granted there would be a lot of things to figure out but what the hell are our colleges good for if they can't figure out a solution for this relatively simple problem compared to something like pythagorean theory?

    To be totally honest I like the NCAA Basketball tournament system and think it could work just fine in college football. Say the top 16 teams would play in one big "bracket" where the #1 team would play #16, #2 vs. #15, #3 vs. #14 etc... then the winners meet in the following rounds all the way to two final teams in a Championship game. This system would total 15 games over 4 weeks, 8 the first week, 4 the second week, two the third week, and then the final. Each game could represent a specific existing bowl game so as to keep that tradition alive and the order in which they were played could be alternated from year to year.

    Wow we just hijacked this thread, sorry, at least its about football.

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    NFL picks for week 9

    after a 3-week hiatus, good to be back...

    the picks are in for this week:

    Tennessee (+2,5) agt Cleveland
    Baltimore (+3,5) agt Cincinnati
    Carolina (-1,5) agt Tampa
    Seattle (4,5) agt Arizona
    Indianapolis (4,5) agt New England

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    Stupid snotty little punk

    Hey Abe, what do you think of TO vs. Eli for prima donna now?

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    Eli vs. TO, different kinds of punks.

    Quote Originally Posted by Nugie
    Hey Abe, what do you think of TO vs. Eli for prima donna now?
    Hey all,

    I'm changing my pick for Washington vs. Philly. Without TO the Eagles have effectively shot themselves in the ass. So I'm now picking Washington to beat Philly.

    To answer your question Nugs, I think TO is a real jack ass from time to time. I don't think he uses his head before he opens his mouth and he invites criticism because of his outspoken style and showboat tactics. Prima Donna? Sure, I can agree with that. Its important that we don't make light of what Eli Manning did however or the differences between him and TO.

    Eli is a different kind of Prima Donna. Refusing to play for San Diego as a snotty nosed punk kid who had never thrown a ball in the NFL was outrageous, and tantamount to holding the Chargers hostage by forcing them to do something other than what they wanted with their pick. I saw this for what it was, absolute bullshit. That the league allowed him to do it is disgusting since it made a farce out of the draft lottery system.

    Imagine if every college kid who has been hyped up beyond all imagination decided to do what Eli did. Thats not the way the system is supposed to work and Eli Manning did not deserve an exception. I don't care what Archie Manning said, screw him, he did the league a disservice by influencing his son to do what he did. Its one thing to wish for something better for your children than what you had in life, its another thing when you teach them to blackmail the league that made you rich, your oldest son rich, and was about to make his younger son rich.

    This decision was not based on how well Eli would have been protected by the offensive line in San Diego as Archie tried to make us believe. As a matter of fact the Giants offensive line sucked just as much as San Diegos' if not more so and the fact that the Giants had to give up a first round pick this last year to get Eli made the possibility of getting a dominant young lineman to protect him much less likely, so much for helping alleviate his own "fears." This decision was about money.

    If Eli succeeds in NY like Peyton has in Indianapolis he stands to reap a huge financial windfall versus if he played in San Diego. Not so much salary wise but in endorsements because playing in NY as an All star will make him a household name and therefore more desirable as a national spokesperson for large corporate advertisers who will shell out multi-millions in endorsement deals for him to hawk their products. This was sheer selfishness born out of greed.

    The difference I mentioned between Eli and TO is that TO despite his faults is one of the three best receivers in the league and destined for the HOF if he plays out his career with similar statistics to what he has been putting up since he started out in San Francisco. Eli Manning on the other hand has done nothing other than create a huge "buzz" about how good he MIGHT be. Of course much of that buzz was created intentionally by the same companies who wish him to help sell their products. Eli has not proven himself to be on par with the best QB's in the league and has never been to a playoff game. He has been a starter for less than one season and has had several horrible performances along with some very good ones. What exactly does that "prove?" Not much.

    I'm not saying Eli won't be great when he matures, just that it remains to be seen as to how good he will be. As far as TO goes I would love to have him on the Cowboys. TO wants to win, period. He might shoot his mouth off and act like a jerk from time to time but as long as he is holding up the Lombardi trophy at the end of the year I can deal with it. He isn't really any different than Michael Irvin or Keyshawn Johnson in his desire to win and show himself off while doing it. Thats just the nature of the game for many players. It however is not the nature of the game for rookies to choose who they will or won't play for before they are even drafted. Whats next, will Eli demand to pick his coach, his teammates?

    If the league really wanted to combat this kind of behavior they would make any player who refused to play for the team who drafted them ineligible to play in the NFL until they fulfilled their obligation to play for whichever team drafts them for at least three years. Eli would have changed his tune rather quickly if he was told he could make millions playing for San Diego or not play at all (he could play in the CFL I suppose) and not return to the NFL until he agreed to play for San Diego. Apparently the league felt it would be better for Eli to play in NY as well since they made no attempt to curb his behavior. Perhaps they were thinking about ratings?

    Disagree with me all you want about whose a bigger jerk, TO or Eli, but we all know bullshit when we see it and Eli got away with some serious bullshit that would make Barry Bonds say "Wow, now thats some serious bullshit!"
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    What, then, do you think of contract holdouts? You've mentioned profit and greed. Is it then acceptable for someone to hold out for more money once they've actually played, as opposed to a college kid?

    Also - since the bolts DID pick Eli, how did his announcement that he wouldn't play for SD force them to use their pick differently?

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    Quote Originally Posted by Nugie

    What, then, do you think of contract holdouts? You've mentioned profit and greed. Is it then acceptable for someone to hold out for more money once they've actually played, as opposed to a college kid?

    Also - since the bolts DID pick Eli, how did his announcement that he wouldn't play for SD force them to use their pick differently?
    Simple Nugs,

    They were forced to trade him because he had said he would not play there and they picked him for one reason only, to have a powerful bargaining chip. In the end they did pretty well actually getting Phillip Rivers who we have yet to see if he is any good or not but by all accounts of NFL scouts has as much potential as Eli. In addition the Chargers got last years Giants 1st round pick which was the 11th overall I believe. That was a big risk on the part of the Giants and more than a few analysts and Giants fans alike questioned the rationale behind it. Only time will tell if Eli was worth it. If he fails to bring a championship to New York then the choice will ultimately be viewed as a failure, especially in New York where the media spotlight is white hot.

    The point isn't whether or not the Chargers got a good deal however, it is that draftees should NOT be dictating their own terms as to who they will and won't play for. There is no question in any objective persons mind as to whether or not this was selfish, only some people trying to justify it so as to start repairing his image for the corporate advertisers who can't wait to get him on TV selling their crap.

    As far as contract holdouts go I think once you sign a deal you should stick to it. If you don't you shouldn't get paid. If TO had held out the Eagles wouldn't have paid him. He didn't end up doing that however other than some posturing in training camp. I personally believe the Eagles should have given him a better deal since he is obviously underpaid for what he does on the field. That being said TO signed a deal and to not honor it showed what a punk he is. There were better ways to handle this but don't forget his agent had something to do with it as well.

    I have been very clear that I am not sticking up for TO's behavior, rather I am simply noting that he is a Veteran All Pro with nothing to prove to anybody as to his greatness. He only needs a title to solidify his bid for first ballot hall of famer. He wants that title badly and works harder than most other athletes to be the best. Yes he is self absorbed but so were many other Hall of Famers and future ones to come. Maybe Eli will get there as well but for now his "accomplishments" don't amount to a hill of beans.

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    Exclamation Dude what are you smoking? Because I would like to buy some!

    Quote Originally Posted by dudemtl
    I'm sorry, are we talking about the 5th best rated passer in the league Eli Manning?

    The one with 14 touchdowns and 5 int's this year?

    The one leading the G-Men to first place in the NFC EAST this year?

    Just checking.
    5th best rated passer in the league????

    According to ESPN the list is as follows,

    1)Drew Bledsoe 97.4
    2)Jake Delhomme 92.0
    3)Marc Bulger 90.8
    4)Marc Brunell 89.8
    5)Matt Hasselbeck 89.6
    6)Donovan McNabb 87.9
    7)Brett Favre 85.6

    and finally at number 8) Eli Manning 84.3
    Oh and by the way thats just the NFC! I didn't even bother to look at how many QB's in the AFC rate higher than Eli but the list would definitely include Brady, Elis' brother Peyton, Jake Plummer, Ben Rothlisberger, and several others. This puts Eli right smack in the middle of the passer ratings league wide. Thats not bad, its not great either.

    I'll give you the benefit of the doubt and assume you had a bad source feeding you that nonsense.

    Interesting notes about Eli to ponder, He is completing just over 51% of his passes for a paltry 6.1 yards a catch. He has 9 attempts rushing the ball this year for 23 yards with 2 fumbles and 2 first downs. Not exactly Michael Vick is he? Speaking of Vick, care to take a stab at his passer rating?

    Try 63.0! That being said is there anyone with all their marbles who would dare trade Vick for Manning?

    Eli plays better when the Giants lose, no joke, don't take my word for it though, look for yourself at his stats in the Giants two losses. He lit up San Diego for the best game of his career and against the Cowboys he played very well in the last five minutes of the game. What gives?

    I would venture to say that it means one thing. The Giants are simply a better more motivated football team this year than they were last year. There is a sense of stability in their locker room with all the long term deals given to the core of their young offensive stars, and the vote of confidence given to Tom Coughlin rather than the constant wondering they had been going through with Jim Fassel previously helps as well.

    Stability can help a team focus on what it is supposed to be doing which is winning football games. This also means that Eli is pretty much a non factor since the Giants win when he plays rotten and lose when he plays well. Don't fret Giants fans thats a good thing that your team is good enough to overcome Elis' mistakes!

    What? You don't buy that? You still think Eli is better than Kurt Warner? Then consider this, Kurt Warners passer rating last year with the Giants was 86.5! That would be higher than Elis' current rating for those of you who are mathematically challenged. Warner completed 62.8 percent of his passes and averaged 7.42 yards a completion, both of those stats are considerably better than Elis' current figures. Kurt's not looking so bad anymore is he.

    One final mention on the topic of Elis' charade during his draft "dodging" episode with the Bolts. As I mentioned before one of the bogus reasons given for Eli not wanting to play in San Diego was he didn't feel the Bolts' would protect him well enough in the pocket implying that their offensive line was sub-par. The truth behind that statement has been revealed beyond any doubt this year. The current figures show that both the Giants and Chargers have given up 12 sacks each.

    In addition the Giants were so concerned about Elis' safety in the pocket that of their 4 draft picks this year from the second round on (since they gave up their first round pick to get Eli) they used a grand total of NONE of them to obtain an offensive lineman. Thats what you call real concern for a line which allowed Kurt Warner to be sacked 39 TIMES in less than a full season last year before Eli came in to replace him. Sorry but the bullshit meter is off the charts in NY.

    Good win by the G-men against a hapless 49'ers squad. Elis' FIRST WIN away from Giants stadium, what a proud moment.

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    Quote Originally Posted by HonestAbe
    I have been very clear that I am not sticking up for TO's behavior, rather I am simply noting that he is a Veteran All Pro with nothing to prove to anybody as to his greatness. He only needs a title to solidify his bid for first ballot hall of famer. He wants that title badly and works harder than most other athletes to be the best. Yes he is self absorbed but so were many other Hall of Famers and future ones to come. Maybe Eli will get there as well but for now his "accomplishments" don't amount to a hill of beans.
    But to say that Philie would be better off with Favre at the helm instead of McNabb's a joke! Shame on you, TO!

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    Quote Originally Posted by dudemtl
    sorry...were we talking about Eli Manning and the NFC's #1 team the Giants?

    My mind kinda slipped there for a second.
    Yes Dude,

    The same Giants who lost to the Cowboys, and the Chargers who the Cowboys beat as well. If the Cowboys pull off a season sweep of the Giants I think I will start referring to this phenomenon as the "Curse of the Tuna." On a different note I am happy to see that the NFC East is the toughest division in Football once again as it should be. Lat year a Cowboys Giants game drew little interest, this year it could well be a preview of the NFC championship game.

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    I agree...sort of.

    Quote Originally Posted by femaleluver
    But to say that Philie would be better off with Favre at the helm instead of McNabb's a joke! Shame on you, TO!
    Favre is arguably the most clutch quarterback of the last 15 years, he looks bad this season because his team absolutely sucks. He has nothing to work with. If put on the Eagles it could be argued that he would be considerably better than Donovan this year. However, too say that publicly, TO confirms his status as a world class douchebag.

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    Cool 40-21...PAThetic!

    Where to begin, where to begin?! "Take heart Pats fans, Indianapolis hasn't played anybody yet thats why they are undefeated." Wasn't that being passed off as a legitimate reason to disregard the way the Pats have played this year and give Pats fans reason to believe they stood a chance in hell of winning this game?

    The way I see it the only thing that could have been worse for the Pats would have been if Bruschi had another stroke and dropped dead right on the field immediately after being run over for a touchdown by Edgerrin James.

    Pretty much every weakness the Pats have was exposed last night. The Defense gave up over 100 yards to James pretty much running straight up the gut of the Pats defense, right at Bruschi. The secondary gave up 321 yards and 3 touchdowns. Well over 400 yards of total offense and they didn't even try to do anything in the last ten minutes of the game since the outcome had long been decided. "Burnt toast" described them pretty well.

    Belichick even lost his cool watching his team writhing in agony until Peyton Manning performed a mercy killing with that final touchdown "Coup De Gras." Hate to say I told you so but I told you so, and I don't really hate saying it either. I'm glad to be rid of the Pats' and their arrogant fans. This game will start to hit home in Patriot land for what it really signifies over the next week, that being the beginning of the end of their days in the sun.

    This game would have been even more of a blowout if the third Patriot touchdown had been called back as it should have since it was not a catch as the replay plainly showed. Classy move on Tony Dungy's part to not challenge it and therefore allow the Pats to save some face and say that at least Tom Brady still played well.

    The most exciting question now is can the Colts go undefeated and win a championship after a thirty five(?) year drought. I don't see any reason why not. The only way I see the Colts losing a game this season is if they beat themselves with turnovers.

    The less interesting question is where do the Pats go from here? Well as surprised as you might be to hear this I think they will still win their division and maybe even go 6-2 in the second half considering they don't play anybody the rest of the way and their division is one of the worst in the league. Yep, you'll see the Pat(sies) in the playoffs but you'll also see them get beat in the second round at best, possibly the first round.

    On a personal note, I'm on fire!! 9 for 9 in the past two weeks and 3 for 4 the week before that so 12 for 13 in the last 3 weeks! Maybe I should start a 900 number football handicapping service! I love it when I'm right but I know my luck is going to run out at some point, thats why you shouldn't gamble.

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