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Thread: Would you recognize a boiler room pitch ?reading or hearing?

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    Wink Would you recognize a boiler room pitch ?reading or hearing?

    Hello all

    On line dating a sad story

    One of my friends started corresponding with a Ukrainian lovely about 5 months ago .
    A young 28 years old with a bachelors degree that wants to leave Ukraine.
    Gorgeous stats 5'5" 114 lbs long brun hair .
    My friend told since the beginning he didn't have any money she persisted the communication with him anyways .
    My friend talk about her every time we meet and told me about 6 weeks ago that she would come here for 3 months
    she had her passport

    Her date to arrive was set for the 20 of April she was now looking at having her visa issued through a specialized
    travel agency that was obtaining all the documentation for her .

    My friend even verified on the internet if the name travel agency came out on Google .

    No money was never ask even tho for me it felt like a "Boiler Room Pitch"
    A opener
    A reload
    A closer

    Where all the news are always "Great,Greater,Greatest"

    This past Sunday it was is birthday he had pictures of her enlarge that he showed me ,he was emotionally hooked to that Ukrainian Bombshell ,which by the also practice a Christian so she says !LOL

    The rough news came down yesterday when travel agency emailed him saying ,that Government of Canada needed proof that the young lady had sufficient money in her bank account to support her trip to Canada .

    The amount being establish at $3,000 USD ! For a trip to Canada

    The explanation provided by the agency is that they learned at the last minute from the Canadian Embassy that does where the rules .

    Since the young lady is poor with a bad paying job ,they asked him to wired the money ,which anyhow would not be spent ,it just to be in a bank account under her name .

    Would you recognize a "Boiler Room Pitch " when you see one .
    Bacchanals are useful for all the Pitchers



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    Salut Booker L

    Ha qu'elles sont belles ces filles de l'est et peuvent nous faire tourner la tête...

    Infos de dernières minutes : les directives sont sur internet et les mêmes depuis de nombreuses années lolllll

    Oui il faut qu'elle prouve qu’elle va retourner dans son pays pour avoir un visa de touriste.
    convaincre un agent d'immigration que vous retournerez dans votre pays de résidence à cause de liens que vous y avez, comme un emploi, des actifs financiers ou de la famille;
    Convaincre un agent d'immigration que vous quitterez le Canada à la fin de votre visite;
    Avoir assez d'argent pour votre séjour. (Le montant nécessaire varie. il dépend des circonstances comme la durée de votre visite et de l'endroit où vous habiterez, c'est-à-dire à l'hôtel ou chez des parents ou des amis.)

    Et la personne qui la reçoit doit faire une lettre d'invitation qui ne l’engage pas si c'est fait de bonnes fois

    Tu peux dire à ton ami qu'il donne les 3000$ directement à une ONG en Ukraine... malheureusement, il n'aura pas de reçu aux fins d'impôt lolllll


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    Its obviously a scam. But I do want to point out that a bank account statement is pretty standard for a lot of countries when requesting a visa. As Canadians you don't hear of this often because we rarely need to visa to go anywhere, and when you do, they typically don't worry about Canadians staying illegally and looking for work. But when the situation is the other way around, proof of employment and a bank account statement with a minimum balance is a pretty standard request. I know this from people who have applied for visas to the US or applied for a Schengen. It does not surprise me Canada has a similar requirement.

    In this situation there is no reason the travel agency would notify the person she is going to visit, its none of their business. And they definitely would not suggest fraud as a means to acquire a visa.

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    I hope your friend didn't send the money? Sounds like they were too optimistic. What if they had just asked for 500? Would he have bit then?

    I had a friend who got involved with a Russian online fantasy girl. And he would show us pictures of her. And we all bit our tongues while thinking that there probably was no girl on the other end of the email and the pictures were ripped straight out of a lingerie magazine. And of course, last minute she couldn't make it, emergency hospital trip, could he send some $$$ to help her? Which he did. Then her mother got sick, then problems with the passport.

    I think they soaked him for 2-3 grand. I was just amazed he fell for this scam.

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    Quote Originally Posted by robcat View Post
    I hope your friend didn't send the money?
    A big no no ,for me it felt like a "Boiler Room " pitch from early stage ,sadly he was emotionaly involve .



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