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Thread: Famous people or celebs you would like to have sex with

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    Cool Famous people or celebs you would like to have sex with

    Porn star Tera Patrick

    The Olson twins when they turn 18

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    1. Paris Hilton, 2. Jessica Simpson, 3. Mandy Moore, 4. Britney Madonna and Cristina at once.
    Now, she should be good-looking, but we're willing to trade looks for a certain... morally casual attitude.

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    Christina Aguilera, Brittney Murphy, Tara Reid, and Krystal Steal

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    Montreal Media Girls

    Hmmm....if I just keep my thoughts to those that I don't need to catch a plane to screw...

    Gisele Quiniou --- Meteo Media
    Genevieve Borne (before she defaced her body with a tattoo)
    Tara Schwartz -- CTV
    Molly MacNeill --- 940News
    Cathy Newton --- TEAM990
    Chantal Machabee -- RDS & CKOI
    Maria Sanz -- CH14
    Saskia Thuot -- Videotron

    If I was in Ottawa, add Cortney Pastnerak from CTV to the list...and while in Toronto, a night with that sultry New Zealand babe, Wendy Petrie, from CTV NewsNet, would be worth the price of the VIA ticket.

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    The actress playing Karmina, I forgot her name. But she really turns me on with her curly black hair.

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    Sports Babes on my 'to-do' list

    1) Jenny Finch (Softball pitching phenom)

    2) Anna Kournikova (tennis star wannabe/model)

    3) Melissa Stark (ABC MNF reporter)

    4) Martine Gaillard (The Score/HNC reporter)

    5) Katherine Humphreys (City TV sports reporter)

    Honorable mentions:

    Annie Pelletier (former Olympic diving diva)

    Gabriella Sabatini (former Argentinian tennis star)

    Daniella Hantuchova (before she lost 40 lbs)

    Marie-Eve Pelletier (rising Quebec tennis star)

    Lisa Guerrero (Fox Sports)

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    News Girls

    Yes, you guessed it, Sir Francis. I watch a variety of newscasts each day, with 1 hand on the clicker and 1 hand on the pecker.
    For a show with a lot of serious babes on it, there's this travel show that used to be heard here in Montreal on the old CIQC AM 600, that's now only in the States because the morons on CJAD would rather foist off the shrieking Lori & Olga off on us poor saps --- check out <>
    There's at least 4 media babes there that I wouldn't mind having their lips around my microphone...or, if they mispronounce a word on the TelePrompTer, receive my hand across their bare bottom.

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    1) Terry Hatcher
    2) Jennifer Love Hewitt
    3) Celeste (ex-Porn Star)

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    Speaking of media babes, ...

    The most gorgeous collection of media babes has got to found among the reporters and anchors on cnn / cnn headline news:

    This is by no means a complete list, just my favourites

    Kara Henderson

    Erica Hill

    Carol Costello

    Rudi Bakhtiar

    Kelly Wallace

    Daryn Kagan

    Christi Paul
    Bire Froide, Cold Beer! Tricolore jusqu'au bout!
    Les Canadiens sont l!

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    Media Girls

    Many of us hobbyists have already partaken of the services of one of the former stars of "Due South" and "ENG" during her tenure at Studio Celeste, so, we have been touched by the nympho hands of media stardom to some degree.

    And, it is also well-known in media circles in this city that Renee-Claude Brazeau who does a show on TQS said that she had worked in the past as an escort and stripper, and 1 of the French tabloids -- Allo Police? Echos-Vedettes? -- mentioned that awhile ago. Anybody here been with her???

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    I would love to have sex with

    Izabelle Desjardins (Musique Plus VJ)
    Anne-Marie Withenshaw (ex VJ)
    Jenna Haze (porn)
    Katie Holmes
    Eliza Dushku (actress)
    Anna Kournikova
    Stacy Keibler and Trish Stratus (WWE)
    Genevieve Borne and Melanie Gagne (TVA)

    And probably more that I cannot think of right now... I am a horny guy

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    - A young Cybill Sheperd.

    - Diane Lane.

    - Denise Richards although she strikes me as a bit of a frigid woman.

    - Nicole Kidman of course.

    - Julianne Moore.

    I like red...

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    For me, the list has to include:

    Charlize Theron

    Diane Lane

    Kirsten Kreuk (Smallville)

    Ashley Williams (Good Morning, Miami)

    The Lead Actress in Pirates of the Carribean (forgot her name)

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    Sports Babe's Identity

    Pintora --- You are thinking of Pat Caporali...ex of Mitch Melnick's great afternoon talk show on the much-missed CIQC AM 600 (1997-98)...another alumnus of Mitch's program, Lonny Dubrofsky, was written up in this Saturday's Gazette, Page 3 of Entertainment, concerning his new movie, "Die Mommie Die" from Aviator Films (Anthony Edwards, ex of NBC's "ER").

    Pat is now doing PR work for Torchia Communications, handling the Team Player's CART account.

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    Porn Star

    Laura Angel
    Silvia Saint
    Cassandra Wilde
    Monique Covet
    Briana Banks
    Veronica Zemanova

    Kristanna Loken
    Monica Belluci
    Jessica Biel
    Jennifer Sky
    Rebecca Romijn-Stamos
    Jaime Pressly
    Shannon Elizabeth

    Caroline Neron
    Marie-Chantal Toupin
    Annie Dufresne
    Genivieve Bannon
    If it makes you can't be that bad.

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