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Thread: Multiple border crossings

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    Multiple border crossings

    I know border crossings have been discussed before in the general sense, but I have a specific questions: (1) Has anyone made multiple crossings by car over a relatively short period of time (meaning people who live a good distance away, not like in Plattsburg)?; (2) If so, please give details of how often, from how far away, how it went, etc.; and (3) has anyone ever been denied entry?

    I live about six hours away, made a trip in July, a trip last week, and would like to make a return trip before long.


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    I have done that. Like my location says, I live 6 hours south as well. I drove to QC once in July, then once again about 3 weeks later. Had no issues.

    Have your passport ready, and be honest of where you are going and how long you are staying. It so happened that one time I was going there on vacation, and another time it was business. I was truthful both times, and had no issues.


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