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    Incall Hotels

    Although I'm not particularly experienced at this hobby, I have had one incall where I visited the girl in her hotel room. I assume that that room is used multiple times over the course of a one night rental, and the cleaning staff wouldn't be in there changing the sheets and towels after each visitor. Does the fact that you're sharing sheets with other customers bother anyone? Are there any tricks or habits to use to minimize the concern? Or am I overthinking things?

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    most times i do incall, i dont think too much of it. i woud think allot of it, if i was on bed and there was stain or it was wet wich so far hasnt hapen for me so i dont think much wen i am in room with beautyful lady.

    even wen u are a guess in a hotel for private reel life, it isnt that cleen to begin with:

    u sit on bus or metro and the peopel siting before u culd have had acident in pants. i see lots of bums in metro siting on bench or in metro car and they stink sometimes so dont know what they have on pants also.

    u touch handel bars for suport on bus or meetro and u dont no wat u touch.

    im not germaphobic so i dont overly analize it or think too much of it unless i see it in my face like wet spot or stain on bed, dirt or hair on food wen/if it was drop on floor at resto and reuse.

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    Thanks for your replies. Tina, that's very good to know. I will choose to think everyone is as considerate as you and not worry about it

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