Downtown Montreal
Arriving today May 27 one day only
Maybe 2 days
One of Ontario highest reviewed escorts please email me for links

I'm truly mature lady.delivering
a symphony of luxury and sensual delight
to discriminating professional gentlemen
both younger and older
Fine lingerie is a must to complete
this picture of sensuous refinement and elegance

I'm a woman of 43 years of age.
I stand 5' 3" with a voluptuous body
And Spectacular 36 Hs, 100% Natural Breast
I have long Chestnut hair and my eyes are beautiful shades of Sky Blue
I have the maturity of experience, coupled with my
confidence in my feminine skills
that make's me truly a experience

Dates and Times
May 27th
4pm till 11pm
May 28th
6am till 12 noon


New Clients Book via phone calls ONLY
Perbooking buy noon Wednesday $50 off the hour
Hour : $250
Half Hour : $150
Please have a pre-counted donation ready upon arrival
in an unsealed, discrete envelope.
Do not make me feel uncomfortable by making me ask for it.


However, there is also a very naughty side to me, too!!
I cater to most Fetishes and preferences .
It is up to you to let me know what you expect from me.
.Mild Seductive Domination .
.Mild Seductive Submission.

Open minded, tell me what you are

interested in & I will let you know.
"Role play" Is welcome

Couples Welcome
I also immensely enjoy the company of couples.
Please note that I insist on speaking with both parties
before booking a rendezvous for three to ensure that
I am prepared to satisfy both of your desires.

Couple Rate
$300 hour

Please note "menu items" are NOT listed
Because I don't have one , it's YMMV .
Sorry gentlemen I try to accommodate your wishes
and to exceed your expectations.
But if a "menu" is what your looking for
and it extremely important to u
I may not be the lady for you

I offer discreet and independent arrangements,
by appointment, in a safe, private location that caters

to sophisticated and discriminating tastes.

I do entertain men of all races, size and height,

however I do discriminate the ones
that are negative, arrogant and disrespectful.

I will taking new clients so call me
NO texting for new clients I prefer voice interaction first so I know whom coming to visit

I need to know the clients I'm going see is safe & reliable & very discrete
You should feel the comfortable that the lady your
visiting is safe and discrete also
no else knows her location but screened or seen before clients

So if we have met before please contact for more info if needed,

Seen before clients can text me
[email protected]
416 700-6695

Sorry , No apps, Blocked callers, No Magic Jack Numbers
Please inquire tactfully and with respect