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Thread: Too late to text back?

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    Lily from Montreal

    Too late to text back?

    I think there was a thread about that but my search skills are not up to find it so I am asking here.

    I do not use text or call ,ever ,to book so since I was not meeting this week my Lilyphone was off,this morning I opened it and I had 10 (!) calls and 4 texts dating from Monday and Tuesday asking for rate and details, I have no clue where they got my number...

    I will have to find out which site has my number in display and ask to hide it but meanwhile should I text back at all saying I use only email or would it be rude?
    My first reaction is to ignore because I am afraid to text back and someone significant other sees it,that's my main problem with the whole text and call thing,way too indiscreet on my end to allow it...

    So,to text or not ?

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    Lily from Montreal
    Thanks johnybird! I have my answer, I will text back just maybe wait for a decent hour,not everybody is a early bird like me lol

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    Well if you are adamant about not using your phone for business under any circumstances, then no you shouldn't reply otherwise you are opening yourself to more ppl contacting you by phone. If this can affect your personal life, don't bother

    Technically he called the "wrong number" so no. If you are trying to order pizza from dominos and you get the wrong number, you don't expect that person to provide you the correct dominos #

    If you have used your phone in the past to get contacted, then they did do their homework (not well) then in this case you can at least tell them "please contact me by email"

    Have you given out your number to any of your clients? Maybe they shared the info.
    A quick reply like "wrong number" is harmless since they will either stop or keep doing research and find your email

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    Lily from Montreal
    I give my Lilyphone number when I meet to arrange the connection once a meeting is set up so yes the gents I've met has it but I would be very surprised any of them would share me (!)..

    By the way this is not my real life phone ,that's why I do not use text or call to book...When at home it is hidden and on mute, it is only because I checked the battery level this morning that I saw all the calls from Monday...

    I found out that one site I advertised displayed my number even though I asked it to be hidden and once the proverbial cat is out of the bag...
    What I find strange is that the text were asking questions that were in the add, it is like when I get a email from my site asking for rates and services,hum...
    I am polite so referred them to my site but it is hard to refrain from asking if they actually read anything on it?

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    Well, my opinion on this is that it is unwise for a client to text or call a Indy with a phone that you share with someone you don't want to know about your hobbying.
    When you text/call an Indy (especially an indy), you should not expect an immediate reply. It may take a while since she might be busy, phone closed because she is in a session, or has completed for the day or week...
    It is not like dealing with an agency that have a booker available 24/24 (or almost )

    I myself use a hobby phone OR, in some rare case, a free text application like textme that I configure not to show message on locked screen (but still give a sound when new msg arrives).

    I really like to book by text and sometime, It takes a while to receive a reply back because the lady is not available at the moment I text, like in your case...

    Also, It happens that I like to do business with real Indies for the exact reason that I like to text/talk directly to the lady.
    Eventually, when the chemistry is strong, I like to exchange sms with her since we become good friends.
    I like to receive unexpected msg from my prefered SP saying she's available today, or just to wish a happy bday, happy new year, happy hollyday or just to say hello.

    In your particular case Lily, since there has been a long time you did not reply, you probably should forget about those.
    Especially if you believe that it is not appropriate to use SMS / CALL for client privacy issues and especially if it is mentioned in all the place you advertise that it is mandatory to use email as the method of booking.
    If you don't really like SMS yourself in your SP work and actually close your phone during non working period, then forget about those missed calls/sms.
    (But I still believe that people that use SMS for contacting a SP should not expect an immediate reply... no matter how long the reply takes)

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    Lily from Montreal
    THanks UncleBob, with me there is a gradation in exchange of phone number, first when I do not know you it is emails,if we do meet you get the Lily number and if you make it to favorites you get a email that I also receive on my real life phone so those I see and answer all the time...

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