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Thread: long overdue question regarding Amour & Compagnie (incall section)

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    long overdue question regarding Amour & Compagnie (incall section)

    OK, if you check the incall section of merb, the A&C thread is running on 26 pages I think.... and we just started not long ago!!

    If I wanna find some info on a specific SP at A&C, I have to run through all these pages. Big waste of time.

    Suggestion to the MODS:

    Create a whole sub-section called A&C. When you click on that, you will be diverted to another page that has a SPECIFIC thread on each SP, in addition to a "General info" thread, where specific inquiries will be relegated (ie: "hey when is this place open" or "how do we get there" or "who do u recommend").

    actually, I think questions like that should be eliminated by the MODS, but that's only my 2 cents....

    I think this is long overdue. And if this doesn't happen, then my prediction will be that by next year, this thread will be at 150 pages......

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    Talking A poll... Hmmm...

    I guess putting a poll will catch the attention of the MODs?
    My suggestion to clean up the thread o all the nonsense like the address of the place, the rate, the phone number and maybe place that on the first page.
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    I can't believe that the "shut the F ups" made it onto the scoreboard

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    Mod 2
    Mods do not have the required vBulletin board priviledges to create and/or manage sub-sections.

    Besides, unless I misunderstood your request, creating a sub-section for A&C would be showing favoritism for them. If we start doing that, we would also need create a sub-section for every other incall/outcall agency in Montreal. That would be very nice, but looking at the way people use the board right now (at least 20% of threads created in wrong sections, many puerile and useless posts, review sections used for everything but reviews, etc), I don't see how such sub-sections would remain clean unless Mods spend their day cleaning them up.

    The suggestion you are making sounds very much like the Canbest organisation / structure, am I right? If your expectations are a bit lower, cleaning that specific thread is a possibility, althought many other mega-threads would also need such a cleanup too... Back to the favoritism problem.

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