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Thread: Happy graduation, Zoe with an umlaut!

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    Red face Happy graduation, Zoe with an umlaut!

    An early congratulations, you smart girl you. Hope you take some time for yourself to celebrate an important achievement.


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    Indeed, Congratulations Zoë on your big day!

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    Zoe graduated from the University? If so this is great news....Now How do I get in to see you? LOL

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    happy for you
    school came thru in the
    lost and found LOL
    (inside joke)

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    Big congrats!!! This is something a lot of people struggle to achieve. I commend you for pulling it off and for balancing work at the same time. Well deserved

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    Two threads in one month? You guys are spoiling me Thanks so much for the congratulations xxx

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    We have a hard time getting you out of our head...

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    Looks and brains ! You've got it all ! Congratulations Zoe !

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    congradulations zoe.

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