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    Bachelor Party

    I am hosting a bachelor party, and I was looking for some entertainment for my guests! Had a great experience a few years back with an agency, but they are now closed! I was wondering if anyone could provide some help as to which agencies do bachelor parties, which ones are good, and which ones to avoid!? We will be 16 people, all over 30! So looking for 1 girl with party experience, or 2 girls with less experience who make up for it in quantity!

    Thanks, any help is much appreciated!

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    indycompanions ex bodyshop ex mtlgfe
    Most agencies do. I've worked at mtlgfe and bodyshop who both provide them. Honestly I think its more the girls than the agency that matter for those because I've done bachelor parties with some girls and they weren't so great and others were mabye ask if the girls have done duos together before so you know they're comfortable together.

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    Thanks for the feedback jadexoxo! Will look into both of those!

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    bodyshop is the best agency for bachelor party , try Sabrina and Jasmine the best duo i have never seen

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