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Thread: 8000 Merbites

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    8000 Merbites

    8000 People Reading And Going To Massage Place Daily But Only About 10 To 15 New Comments Or Reviews Weekly On Girls Or Places.that Doesn't Make Sense.we All Have To Share More Info In Order To Find The Best Places And Girls.we Have The Power To Control The Tips And Performace Of The Girls So Please Wake Up And Write!


    Your post was in Montreal Massage, but I am sure that other members are interested in participating as well. I do undertand that you would like this thread to be limited to the MASSAGE topic.
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    Limited participation.

    Only about 40 or 50 members participate regularly, and maybe another 10 or so others contribute here and there. The rest are lurkers.

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    You Guys are right about posts and participation

    Hi fellow Merbites,

    Many of us have nowhere near the experience in this arena as the core group.

    All I can share with all of you is that Carla and Chrystal at Bar Chez Diane in Clarenceville are nice to be with all the way around. YMMV

    I saw Elle Christina a few times and was pretty dissappointed when she went on what appears to be a permanent vacation. She had a world of culture and charm.

    I do want to visit The Penthouse sometime during the holidays in mid week. I will be reporting what I find there.

    Happy Holidays,


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    Why don't you pls expand on why they are good to be with or not, in either situation ?

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    My 2 cents

    For me, I'm not going to give yet another review of a places that's been widely talked about. If I have something to say at this point, it's because I had an experience that differs from those already posted. (Or because it's a place that hasn't been reviewed)

    If there's a specific place you want to know about, just post a question (after having done a search 1st, naturally). If I can answer it, I will happily do so.

    Over and out.

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    J.Peterman,you are right on with your observation.There are far too many lurkers on this site.The site needs some kind of controls.This has already been discussed here,yet nothing much has changed.I do not like this situation.Who knows, who is out there reading our reviews ? My opinion.

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    Yes I agree with you. Here we used to have good posters but now the majority are gone to other sites and post there about 50-60 posts daily.
    I used to come from my massage session turn on my computer, go to MERB and start posting my reviews with the details. After a while I noticed that most members like to read and not write. Well I started to delete my posts as well, why not? If they don't want to share, why should I? I spend $120 -$150 each time and why should I give it to some Lurkers who don't share?
    I found other sites are more MP oriented and the reward of posting more is to get higher access to more detailed and secret stuff. So I stop posting in Merb as much as I used to. Once in a while I get a free massage session from other site just cuz I post a good review. Also they have a picture and movie sections for their high level members. I hope Merb start to do some stuff and give some goodies back to its members as well. It is because of us that you are getting banners and make money of SPs after all right? So give back some and you will see most of these cheap lurkers start to post reviews as they do in other site. They have ads in Mirror, ICI, suburban, La press and god knows where else, but Merb doesn't seem to have any ads running for them.
    If the old timers remember Canbest was a pioneer in this area, BUT where are they now? Please don't let Merb follow the foot steps of Canbest.
    Here we can’t even mention the name of other site where as on the other site you can post Merb Merc MontrealMassage or any name you want. Hmm. talking about confidence. This topic is more deep than just why 8000 member of Merb stop posting... the question is where are thee people and where do they post and why? If the MODs and Admin of Merb really care about the MP section of this board they better do some changes around here. I love Merb and don't want to see it turns in to Canbest's tragedy. Here in Merb we have lots of important posts that would be pity to get dusted in time as lots of posts and reviews do in Canbest.

    I didn't mean to support or criticize Merb or any other site for any wrong doing. I just want to have Merb to come alive and compete with other sites , a great competition is a gain for everyone, lots of free massage sessions and other goodie goodies
    Y Inspector

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    For myself, I'd have a lot to say about the massage scene, but I hardly ever go for the HJ and xtras, so I guess my reviews wouldn't interest anyone .

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    I've been a member of all three sites mentioned in this thread, but I find myself reading and posting mostly in merb. I post about most of my massage experiences. I used to post right after a session, like the person above. Now I try to delay it a bit, so that I have time to digest.

    I don't have a problem with lurkers, although more and more detailed posts would be nice. I really don't like the exclusive character of other web sites. I don't post there, because I don't want to play that game. Apparently I have been dumped from that site because I'm just lurking. Right now I'm torn between going back, holding my nose, and posting, or just ignoring that other list.

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    Angry There's Only So Much One Can Say

    Sometimes I get the impression that mp owners really don't give a flying uck-fay about their customers; cause if they did, they would make sure that the basic service can be given because the mps' have been given a basic training on the primal service.

    There are too many money hungry boneheads on the planet; and you would think that when it comes to this industry; the girls wouldn't give in to the same low-life tactics we are used to seeing men use.
    But after mp, we pay the 50/60 for an hour; within
    15 minutes half of all mps' try to "fleece" us for more;
    expecting every customer willing to give more of his wallet
    for a "hopeful return" when right for the start, the 1st $50/60
    is a "fleece" 50% of the time cause the massages are just plain

    Then the mp owners decide..Hey I know what I'll do..I'LL fire the girls I have and hire new ones..but shit..if you don't make sure that the girls know how to massage and how to tactfully lead the man up the ladder of desire, there is no way in the world the client will become a dedicated follower.

    It is ironic that an industry that one can become rich with as a owner that
    the owners haven't understood this. For myself and for hundreds of people who go to mps' every week, the experience can be so disappointing that the client is too embarassed and pissed off to even mention it; assuming that by not mentioning it the owner will be punished more than if he was told why he isn't going back to the mp.

    The truth is that most mp operators don't give a dam. They shut down;move to another location; hire a few girls; do some advertising in Journal De Montreal, etc; and then the fleece begins again. At one point the mp clients have visited so many and spent so much money to realise that among the 50+ massages they got in a year there are fewer than 5 worth remembering and for those 5, the client had to put up with 9 times more in disappointment. That's a very high price to pay for any client to swallow.
    And that is why my fellow friends/and mp owners who visit this sight
    that at one point, we just stop posting, we stop visiting your businesses cause frankly, if all you want to do is "fleece me" then tell me why; why in the world I should waste my time to do you a favour to inform you..when deep an're too busy fleecing to find the time to

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    I agree with BoxHound, I also go to stripclubs quite a bit but I rarely ever post a review, most of the time I don't have any new or useful info to add to an already existing thread. Should I post one anyway?

    I do have a question though, how do all these people (aka lurkers) find out about MERB? (I honestly don't remember how I found it the first time) Do you think most of the time it's just dumb luck, like they google search "massage & montreal" and eventually find a review or something?

    On another point, I do think this site creates huge increases in buisiness for some basically for free, for example I've noticed a tremendous increase in the amount of people attending the gangbang place in Laval since it was reviewed here. Now I can't say that this was exclusively due to MERB, but it must help.

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    Unhappy I know how you feel

    Onthelookout I know how you feel.I get the same impression 4 out of 5 times walking out of an mp .Most of the times I get stiffed on time,receive pour amateurish massage and i`m expected to spit out lots of cash in the shortest amount of time.So many owners and mp`s don`t give a damn cause we keep going anyway.After all there`s so many salons in Montreal,if they weren`t making monet they`d call it a day.Stop attending those shitty salons and when you get bad treatment report here.

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