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Thread: Are Americans good at sex? If not, what nationalities are?! :p

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    Talking Are Americans good at sex? If not, what nationalities are?! :p

    I believe it was Miss Lily-Rose (correction LilyforYou) who was bemoaning the lack of frivolous, sexy posts this summer, in some other thread. So here's a try at some improper frivolity. Bring on the stereotypes and uber-subjective perspectives!!

    Catching up on some leisure reading last weekend, I came across the article below. It got me thinking... Boys and girls, both 'professionally' and in real life, who do you think are the most fun in the sack?? Let all the stereotypes out! The travelers among us, speak up. Ladies, compare and contrast Americans to Canadians to Quebec-ers. Curious minds want to know, and judge you! Lolllll...

    Are Americans Good at Sex, According to Non-Americans

    Americans are known for being good at SO MANY THINGS. Namely, our wondrous ability to put bacon on everything, and our knack for poetry (USA! USA! USA!). Being great lovers? Not so much. At least it’s not necessarily an accolade we’re touting (thanks a lot, Latin America). But perhaps we should be.

    Yea, we asked a whole bunch of international people, all of whom have done the mattress mambo with American partners, what they thought of our "skills." Turns out, we’re not really that awful after all! In fact, some non-Americans downright enjoy slipping in between the red, white, and blue sheets -- or at least they found it extremely easy. Which makes sense, since this is the land of opportunity, and, you know, we just want to make sure everyone has theirs. Anyway, here's exactly what they had to say...
    We’re good at giving directions

    “Americans use language for indications of pleasure. They like harder, faster, that’s the spot, don’t stop. That kind of stuff.” -- Roberto, Brazil

    We like to get to the point...

    “I find Americans are portrayed as prudes in public TV, ads, their attitude towards naked spas, etc. But in bed they seem to be much more open.” -- Lisa, Germany

    “Since it was clear it was a one-night stand, she was very forward, almost aggressive, about going to her hotel room. She asked if I had a condom right away when we started making out.” -- Roberto, Brazil

    “Mexicans, we like to do it at a rhythm, but Americans want to do it harder.” -- Ulises, Mexico

    “They tend to be more loose about having sex with people they just met. It is very common in Denmark to pick a girl up at a bar, but in America you can pick girls up at the beach, a restaurant... or any other place. They tend to be more open and straightforward when they really want you and find you attractive.” -- Gokhan, Denmark

    “Immediately when he dropped his pants, he had a condom in his hands. Usually I have time to play a little bit before we put plastic on it. But not with him.” -- Joany, Canada

    ... Except when we’re playing games

    “American girls love playing games during courting, especially when it’s pretty clear sex is a likely outcome. You have to keep it fun and be very patient, more so than with other nationalities.” -- Stanley, Australia

    If she looks confused when examining your “stuff”... it’s because she is

    “The major thing I was not aware of, and neither are most other Europeans, I believe, is that American guys are circumcised. I had no idea! It’s not necessarily good or bad, it’s just different.” -- Lisa, Germany

    We like to get creative

    “In my experience, she really wanted to be on top, and liked when I grabbed her ass.” -- Roberto, Brazil

    “I can tell from my experiences that American girls do not have any limits! They like to be taken hard. They like that the man dominates in bed, and that you have a tight grip around them.” -- Gokhan, Denmark

    “Americans love making amateur porn films. Also, one woman showed me a deck of cards and I had to pick my favorite before we had sex.” -- Rupert, Austria

    “We tried to get to the rooftop of the Flamingo Hotel in Vegas, but the door was locked. So we just had sex in the stairwell. The sex was great. Very passionate and a little animalistic.” -- Joany, Canada

    “American men love to watch you do stuff to yourself, and they love oral.” -- Grace, Australia

    And speaking of oral... why DO we love it so much?

    “Apparently God doesn’t judge BJs as much as a good old-fashioned lay.” -- Stanley, Australia

    “Americans are very giving, and it is a sure way to please your boyfriend or girlfriend.” -- Gokhan, Denmark

    “Americans love oral sex and they do it better than others. I love Mexicans, but I love an American BJ.” -- Ulises, Mexico

    “Maybe because American cuisine is nothing to get excited about... perhaps it’s some kind of compensation?” -- Rupert, Austria

    “Maybe it’s compensation for something else...” -- Grace, Australia

    “I don’t think it’s Americans that only love oral sex. There’s a saying in Brazil that goes, ‘No one should ever be denied a glass of water or oral sex.’” -- Roberto, Brazil

    Still, there’s room for improvement

    “American men could be more patient and romantic when they have sex. American men tend to get straight to the point and don’t allow much time for foreplay. Perhaps American men don’t usually have to try as hard to get laid, and they don’t have to try hard enough to engage women.” -- Denise, Ecuador

    “In general, Americans are seen to be prudes. I can’t really verify that, and I know it is a cliche. But every cliche is there for a reason. I know there are some strange sex laws in America...” -- Rupert, Austria

    “American women are really good at lying on the bed in anticipation” -- Stanley, Australia

    “When he came to see me, he was chewing tobacco. He didn’t stop until we started kissing. Obviously it was gross. It tasted so bad. I can’t believe he thought that was a good idea.” -- Joany, Canada

    So... overall... are we good at it?

    “On the whole, no. But maybe I’m just hooking up with the wrong girls. I do live in Los Angeles.” -- Stanley, Australia

    “Yes, but I need more field studies to verify that.” -- Rupert, Austria

    “Sex lasts for a while. I have heard the same from other friends that have American boyfriends. It’s much better than two seconds!” -- Denise, Ecuador

    “Some are, but not all. I’d say half and half.” -- Grace, Australia

    “Americans are ‘different.’ This is sometimes good, and sometimes bad. The only thing to say is that we all love Americans. I think they are the most famous girls in bed.” -- Ulises, Mexico

    “Having sex with Americans is something that every guy needs to try before they die! They are fantastic.” -- Gokhan, Denmark

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    For me, obviously, Quebecoise are right up there! There's a matter-of-fact-ness about sex in this place that is unique. And, oh, it doesn't hurt that La Belle Province has some of the most beautiful women in the world.

    The French are the most sensual and feminine IMO. Impeccably dressed. Open of mind, and sexiness in abundance. Oh mon dieu... And hearing the French say 'fuck' is just soooooo ridiculously cute. The French... and SPs... taught me how to eat kitty. I think they taught me decent.

    Germans are closet sex freaks. I guess if I paid attention to German porn before, I should've known this, but it was totally unexpected at the time when I had a German GF. Such a good school girl, and then she became SMH naughty in private.

    Asians, in general, are not that interesting. The Chinese are like dead fish. Apparently, from what I've heard, working girls can be quite skilled and willing. But civilians should be avoided. The Japanese... in general are just ugly and short. (I'm a little teapot, short and stout... Just watch some soccer this week, and you'll see what I mean.) Thai and Viets, ghetto Asians... I pass. Filipinos are hotness. I've never experienced, though. Sign me up!

    Koreans are the class of the Asians. Perhaps my favorite to hobby with. Soooooo sexy, so well made up, such fantastic service, I never leave LA without a smile. Montreal is horrible for Asian service - why do you locals even waste your money?!? A complete waste. I tried once with MAE88, and the K-(old) girl said, "Oh, you've been to LA... Yeah, you're spoiled..." Too bad most K-girls are fake, i.e. plastic-enhanced - face, nose, chin, boobs, is anything real on these girls? It doesn't matter for hobbying, though - they're dolls. Smart, cute, always educated, they treat men like kings. Crazy for real relationships though, as they're almost as manipulative as Russians, and you'll likely not be happy when babies pop out and real features come to light.

    Russians and Eastern Europeans take the cake for me. Professionally and in real life. My most frequent hobby partners in Barcelona and Amsterdam and sometimes when I slum it to Queens too. Tight bodies, which they maintain into their 30s. Seemingly no boundaries. And their naturally manipulative, clever nature somehow adds to the sexiness. Complete headaches to deal with in real life, but worth it for short stints of ecstasy. I was crazy enough to have a Russian and a Czech back-to-back, I'm good for drama for another 5 years, if never again. But soooo effin' sexy. A Colombian / Persian mentality of only going out when looking like sexy blonde goddesses, but with perfect white-girl bodies. Yummy.

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    Hello all,

    Quote Originally Posted by wolfie7 View Post
    Catching up on some leisure reading last weekend, I came across the article below.
    Some funny and interesting stuff.

    Are Americans Good at Sex, According to Non-Americans

    Yep, some Americans can't do anything without bacon on everything. Try making love through the South without some fine salty pork back and just see what happens. Rejection City.

    We like to get to the point...

    No we definitely are not prudes though we know that some demented politicians, self-righteous Bible thumpers, and archaic laws put out that impression.

    True that many American men try to run the bases as fast as they can to make sure they get to hit home plate, but I like to make sure I enjoy each stop fully.

    Except when we’re playing games

    Hot American women know they have the power and love to tease and play games. It can drive American men crazy, which explains their tendency to try to rush in.

    Circumcision is the rule in the U.S.. I was surprised to read it wasn't in Europe and elsewhere.

    We like to get creative

    THAT'S ME!!! Positions, places, costumes, funky ideas...yaaaahoooooooo. There must be 50,000 ways to say "sex" in the U.S.. It's seems every time the subject comes up a new expression or 6 pops out.

    And speaking of oral... why DO we love it so much?

    Actually I belong to the Order of the Satin Gates.

    Still, there’s room for improvement

    Yes, too many guys care more about gettin some than really enjoying it. But that's only for round one. Once we know we're in we relax and enjoy.

    So... overall... are we good at it?

    One thing for sure, we don't settle for being mediocre. We're always trying to get better.

    Who I like

    The Quebecoise are the best. Hearing a sweet beauty speak the French language is like erotic music. Then it's Latinas and East Europeans. I do get turned on by being with Black ladies but the experiences I've had were usually disappointing. I've only found one Asian lady who was really into having fun, the others seem to be going through the motions.



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    Americans I have realized are good at UNHEALTHY sometimes self destructive forms of sex.

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    Quote Originally Posted by Numerati View Post
    Americans I have realized are good at UNHEALTHY sometimes self destructive forms of sex.
    I'm going to have to ask you to expand on that one, Numerati.

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    Quote Originally Posted by Numerati View Post
    Americans I have realized are good at UNHEALTHY sometimes self destructive forms of sex.
    Like hobbying. A lot / too much...

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    You're never sorry!! Nor should you be!

    Hmmmm, I would agree that Mixes are suuuper hawt. But I have zero idea of their skill level. I've never had the pleasure - real life or hobby.

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    Lily from Montreal
    It was me who was complaining my toy (Merb) was too serious so thanks Wolfie for a nice frivolous subject.

    From my experience americans are very good because there is,usually reciprocity while asian ,again not all,are more shall we say ,selfish?
    One way pleasure and maybe it is my english that is lacking but I have more difficulty communicating with asian men,
    And ,sadly ,there is not enough black hobbyist because those are the best lol...

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    Those damn Asians! Selfish bastards!!

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    Quote Originally Posted by LilyForYou View Post
    And ,sadly ,there is not enough black hobbyist because those are the best lol...
    I'm glad you say that : I'm not black, but it's been discussed often that too many girls don't wanna see black customers, so it's good to hear a balancing point of view on that matter.

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    Quote Originally Posted by LilyForYou View Post
    And ,sadly ,there is not enough black hobbyist because those are the best lol...
    Sadly the hype about black men was lost in ancient scriptures. Germans were the sex gods many centuries ago and during a clan meeting between Baron Von Stumpinpants and Sambo the Hard a rock paper scissors game was to settle a dispute about the fact. The Germans lost and agreed to lay low for 1 century and hand the crown over to the blacks, being the humble people we are we decided to extend the duration of the bet, now you have the rest of the story.
    I enjoy a glass of wine each day for it's health benifits. The other glasses are for my witty comebacks and flawless dance moves.

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    Lily from Montreal
    Too funny!Thanks for the laugh

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