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Thread: Are incall services and girls far below outcall

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    Are incall services and girls far below outcall

    I have only done the outcall appointments to my hotel but next time I want to try an incall place but I just have a feeling that they are not as good.

    Is the accurate or am I missing something good?

    Any downtown places that I should check out.

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    Incalls are just as good or as bad as outcalls. You can get both good/bad SPs when dealing with incalls just like you can get good/bad SPs when dealing with outcalls. If you deal with an agency for incall, you should be aware that the girls might see someone with only a very short break in between customers. With outcalls, the agency girls generally get (slightly) longer breaks since they have some time before they are driven to the next person if they see multiple clients in the day/evening. For independents, it is entirely up to the independent how many clients she sees. Incalls are also considered more "illegal" than outcalls.

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    You're not missing on anything special by not experiencing incalls. Stick with outcalls, more value for your money.


    Another big reason I don't like about incalls is that the bedsheets don't get changed often if at all. You have no idea how many other guys' fluids are already on those sheets !
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    Quote Originally Posted by picasso

    Another big reason I don't like about incalls is that the bedsheets don't get changed often if at all. You have no idea how many other guys' fluids are already on those sheets !
    Yes, you're right about that. You don't know what is on the bedsheets when you visit incall or whether the sheets have been changed before your visit especially when dealing with agency incalls. I've tried a few independent incalls and one of the indy SPs that I saw normally changed the sheet after my session was over because she used her own place (not a place rented for her work).

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    Incall vs outcall

    Anyone who has been around the block a few times has noted thoses hits.. and misses. Outcall girls are more action prone and unpredictable, IMHO but YMMV.

    The key is to be a player, without getting shafted (I hear the laughter ). If you have a tough time turning down anything that is less than you are willing to pay for, you might have a tough time walking away from and incall after going out of your way. Outcall my be a more favorable setting - they come to your hotel, easier to politely turn them down and send them on their way. Reputable agencies will not make too much of a fuss of that, it's part of the business reality.

    Outcalls are clearly much better looking on average, and as many have said, as far as incalls there's the fast food flavor to them... outcalls might be more unpredictable and wild. You can only know what's best for you
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    Quote Originally Posted by jim-ce
    . You don't know what is on the bedsheets when you visit incall ).
    Take three guesses. Probably all three are right.

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    Il faut surtout pas généraliser hein!
    Je suis une sp qui fait du INCALL et je change les draps après chaque client.
    Et surtout, j'ai une douche a ma portée.
    Cela fait assez longtemps que je suis dans le domaine et j'ai faite longtemps du OUTCALL et j'en fait encore sur rendez-vous. Je prends une douche avant de partir. Combien de call que j'ai pus faire en duo ou trio avec d'autres sp naturellement et laissez-moi vous dire qu'elle ne sont pas toute hygienique.
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    The Great Debate...

    I'd like to chime in with my opinion of Incall vs. Outcall. I think the best of all possible worlds is an indy incall that you can get to know, and over time, build a solid, mutually satisfying relationship with. I've met a lot of incall sp's, who then went on to leave the business, but kept seeing me because they enjoyed our time together, and because they still like the occasional cash infusion! The only way to build that kind of ideal relationship is to start with either the incalls from a service, ir the indies, and there are plenty out there! If anyone has ever visited Annie or Nikita from A & C, you know that some incalls are fantastic - they change the sheets after every client, take a shower after every client, and feel comfortable in what is for them, familiar surroundings. Another great example is Annie, or back in the day, Nadia, from ABC Soft, who are absolute pros, provide amazing service, and are also very clean.
    As for value for money, there is no way to judge one as superior to the other, as it is a true case of YMMV. But, if you are a true bargain hunter, the best deals, apart from street walkers, are the low rent incalls that are out there. Having said that, I would disagree with any categorical description that said one is a better value than the other, value being so subjective.
    As for the point of turning a girl away that maybe doesn't fit the bill, just a quick survey of comments on this site alone proves that more men are inclined to walk away from a repugnant incall than one sent to their rooms. In fact, on more than one occasion, I've been dissatisfied with the incall girl in front of me, turned tail and left, only to call the recep and see who else is available in the building. If you've hung your hat on an agency outcall girl, and it took x phones calls, or x e-mails to set up the date, and then the agency pulls some stunt, bait-and-switch, late, traffic, whatever, most men will not be willing to say "fuck it, I'll start again tomorrow" - no, I think most men will take what is being offered. I would venture a guess that most of those "ok, well who is working then?" dates are not great.
    My advice to you Harmony, look up some indy girls with a good rep, maybe NaughtyLady is a good start, and worry more about the rating of the girl than the delivery method! It's all good as long as you have a good time.
    Just my two cents.

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