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Thread: FKS the real thing

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    FKS is the real thing!!

    I've just signed up for MERB so this is my first post.

    Four times in the last 6-7 months I have enjoyed the 'pleasures' of the FKS ladies. I'm offering a 100% guarantee that the ladies match their photos. The fees are high, so I set my expectations high as well - so far I've not been disappointed (the services are ) which is why I've returned three times.

    P.S. Having read through a number of reviews, threads, etc., I've noticed a number of acronyms that I'm not familiar with - such as DATY, the 'juice', etc. I didn't realize I was so out of touch.

    Does anyone have a glossary they can send to me? Thanks!!

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    Welcome to MERB, check out this glossary:

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