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Thread: UFC 189 Tonight

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    UFC 189 Tonight

    In around an hour, it will be UFC 189, who are you guys supporting?

    Mcgregor or Mendes?
    Lawler or Macdonald?

    Personally i go with Mcgregor for sure. Im disapointed its not for the real thing (interim titles are paper champs at best) but if he win tonight it will just make it bigger for next time when he face Aldo.

    As for Lawler vs Macdonald, i dunno... may the best win. Personally i hope to see Condit back in the title picture sometimes soon. I love watching that guy fight so much.
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    McGregor is a product of the hype machine

    Much more sizzle than steak

    Mendes knocks him into tomorrow IMHO

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