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Thread: So Long, Goodbye, and Thanks for All the Fish

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    So Long, Goodbye, and Thanks for All the Fish

    I benefited from this site than more than I contributed. For this, I say "Thank You". After 15 years of hobbying, I am really retiring. This time is for real. The hobby has lost much excitement for me. Of all the posts that I enjoyed the most, it must be those of The Doc Holliday (thanks Doc!).

    I'll still lurk around but just looking and no touching!

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    Born to Pleasure Women!
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    I've retired and came back many times... Godspeed!
    CA OUT!
    Every woman is Crazin for the Asian Persuasion!!!
    Part time reviewer, full time reveler!
    Lover of Women, Cunning Linguist, Coitus Poster, and Master at Baiting!

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    Good Luck Marlboro Man. Maybe golf will be more fullfilling way to pass the time?

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    Passionate Hetaera
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    Best goodbye title ever xx

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    Lily from Montreal
    Yes,I am a bit jealous I wanted to use that title when I retire loll

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    Life is like a box of chocolates, when one is in front of you sometimes you can not resist.

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    Quote Originally Posted by malboro_man View Post

    I'll still lurk around but just looking and no touching!
    That means you're waiting for the new model.
    When someone will review: F:9.5, Body: 9.5, Service: 10. and 18 old.
    I'm sure you will be tempted.

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    Thanks guys and gals! After falling in love with 2 SPs, especially the 2nd one which took me 2.5 years to get over and after going through a number of SPSs, I realized that I'll never find someone that I will connect to at the level that I once had. I even tried civilian dating recently. Sex is lousy. No BBBJ or DATY....non-GFE GFE! I also find it hard to connect with civie women. They are busy and distracted even when they were with me. At least with the (good) SPs, they focus their attention on you during the session.

    So, walking away is a logical conclusion.

    However, the "18 y.o. F: 9.5, Body: 9.5, Service: 10" is the kind of girl that comes in decadal or interdecadal. I may never get to see her even if she appears, i.e., too popular. I've had my fill for 15 years; I'll always have my memories.

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