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Thread: DVD recorder/player recommendations

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    DVD recorder/player recommendations

    Any recommendations for a DVD burner/recorder? It's time to ditch the VCR.

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    I have a Panasonic DMR-E55 for about 1.5 years which I'm happy with. The only thing that I regret is that I should have spent more money and gotten the model with an internal hard drive.

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    Quote Originally Posted by tex
    I also like to get infomation on a DVD/VCR machine.I still use VCR to tape shows and dvd to watch movies.

    Any suggestions?
    I bought a DVD/ VCR combo last year from LG, which is usually a very reliable electronics company for around 450.00$ (model LGVR435) .Its advantage is that you can do a straight transfer from cassette to DVD (and DVD to cassette!), but you can also record a favorite tv show from television and then edit out all those pesky commercials to the exact frame, resulting in a seemless recording. It's only drawback is that I've had to send it in for repairs already because I was transferring various shows recorded in the last decade on different machines and the different trackings on those has played havoc with my LG's inner system...
    But apparently, this is a problem common to all current retail DVD/VCR machines that hasn't been licked yet.
    That said, I love my machine!!! Goodbye spacewasting videotapes!!!

    (To add to this discussion, I spoke to somebody I met in the electronics business, saying that the smaller discs used in Playstation's new PSP system might be threatening to take over as the new industry favorite (akin to VHS supplanting Beta many years ago!)

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    Thanks for the help....looking into a Panasonic ES20 or ES30vs

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    Panasonic DMR-ES3OV

    I purchased one last summer.....Panasonic DMR-ES3OV. It's a DVD/VHS recorder. I bought it in order to transfer my home movies onto dvd. It works great. I didn't know much about them when i made my purchase. Today, i regret not buying the one with the hard drive. It was about $200 more. It would have made recording movies easier. However, i record my movies with DVD-RAM discs, which are erasable and i record over them over and over.

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