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Thread: HELP....Cannot find ANY AD sexier than this ...!

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    HELP....Cannot find ANY AD sexier than this ...!

    This is my fave sexiest ad of all time..

    FROM Denmark..

    *********PLEASE ADD YOUR FAVORITES**********

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    That is one sexy ad. I can't see it running on any tv channel other than an adult channel. Sexy and funny, good combo. If I was that pilot, I don't think I could have hit that button to open the hatch. I'd be like, well... looks like the hatch it jammed. Guess all you ladies will have to stick around my plane....

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    i'm playing 6 games of golf this week
    hope the same thing drops by

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    Crap, i have no self control, i watched that video and next thing i know im texting mojo to see whos working, i think i have a problem, i may be a sex addict. The way i look at it is i either text mojo or go to a SA meeting, you do the math. I cant even watch reruns of baywatch without poking myself in the eye. Anyway, very nice AD, ill be writing a review in the near future.

    Thor Jr

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