I was wondering on a section on merb, the section titled "
• Montreal › Escort Agencies › Recent Reviews". Now, i am always thinking of writing a review on the agencies i use as time goes by, and it seems this section was meant for this(i assume) reason but you can not post anything here.

Now, 3 questions:
#1- Is their a ban on writing reviews of agencies?
#2, Why cant we post in this section?
#3. And if we cant post in this section, why not eliminate it?

Ok, a 4th question: Where is the agency review section? Don't we want to give credit where its deserved? If any.

We always include a little comment of the agency in our SP reviews, but not enough recognition in my opinion.

It just seems to me that most that is written in this section can be merged with other reviews.
Now i didn't read everything in this section but it just seems like posts of SP's and comments.

Just wondering,

Thor Jr