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Thread: Indy massage or salon. What is the best choice.

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    Indy massage or salon. What is the best choice.

    I go to indy masseuse mostly, but I have been to salons. In the last year I have been staying away from the salon scene because of changes last December. I am wondering if I should expand my horizons. Here is my take on indy massage vs. salon.

    Indy massage :

    Ladies have more experience and I can get a better massage.
    The cost is less with no entry fee.
    I know what to expect and no surprises
    More reliable and know what to expect.

    Salon :

    More expensive
    The ladies are younger.
    The massages are sometimes really bad because they have no experience
    Sometimes they are pushy and do a 10 minute massage and push me to take the enhancements
    Rarely get the full hour. many clock watchers.
    Very inconsistent. Many part timers that disappear never to be seen again.

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    You nailed it! Indy Massage, it is.... All the points you mentioned for the Salon are 83% negative,so what's the point of going to the Salon? The only advantage of an opened salon, it's the convenience of being available in the proximity, I didn't meet many Indy Massage but at least like you mentioned they are more reliable. Your post speaks for itself.

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    I think it always depends on what you are looking for. I go to salon and I am always happy. As for Bill C-36, if you live in Quebec then you know how is our economy. Police do not have the budget to investigate and accumulate evidence against salon (keep in mind that sex industry is big indutsry in Montreal). As any organization, they will go with their priorities which are minors, illegals, and drugs.

    Stay away from certain salons, go to a place that you trust, and you will be happy.

    So far, YPG always served me right.


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    I am staying away from salons until the coast is clear on the c-36 thing.

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    I used to go to salons before C-36 and I still continue to go. I like to take rendez-vous with my usual masseuses.
    When I visit a new salon, I sometimes take a chance and I can have a nice surprise and this new masseuse can become a regular one for me.

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    I Prefer Indy massage for the reasons you mentioned. But I 've been to a salon for a therapeutic massage.

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    No pressure at indy massage places, you get what you ask for. I hate it when the 20 year olds pressure me to take the one and only option for $240, it is all over in 25 minutes and she acts like she did me a favor.

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