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Thread: Thanks M2

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    Thanks M2

    Your tough-cop role was a great asset for this board. Good luck with your extended vacation.

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    Thanks indeed for the great moderation work. We have greatly appreciated your fairness and responsiveness.

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    Thanks M2 for your great work on Merb !!!

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    I second all the appreciative comments above and take this opportunity to recall what I saw as Mod2's finest hour: when he put his job on the line to have FZ maintain a suspension he had meted out to a Merb advertiser who had been caught transgressing a rule.

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    I agree that was M2's finest hour, but he did very good work catching shills. Thanks M2 and hope you enjoy the vacation.

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    I'll add my thanks to the list. Good job.

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    Quote Originally Posted by maylee
    Le faire en est une, mais le faire avec justesse et intégrité en est une autre.
    Très bien dit Maylee.

    Thank you M2 for all your efforts. Enjoy the time off and hope to see you back again one day.

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    You did a wonderful job!
    Thank you.
    Just hope you are back on day!
    Go south young man!...As they say!

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    Mod 2 i congratulate you on a job well done that must have been time consuming and seemed thankless at times, my hat goes off to you for the volunteer work that you have done!

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    Hard to believe Mods do this for free.

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    Mod 2,

    I wished I got the chance to pm you before you left to personally thank you.

    You spent a great deal of time on this board to ensure a board of higher quality--free from uselessness, etc.

    I truly respected your no nonsense approach. Further, you dealt with any issue that I may have had in a very expeditious fashion. Thanks and I wish you a wonderful vacation, and I hope this message finds you.



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    Thanks, Mod 5 for your effort.

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