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Thread: How would /will you retire?

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    How would /will you retire?

    Hi everyone!

    I've retired once and came back being too addicted to all the beautiful ladies. Unfortunately, my schedule as been impossible lately and I've had to last minute cancel some highly expected appointments (I apologize again to all the beautiful ladies). I've also realized that I need a connection to really have fun. At one point, I'm not as turned on of getting my dick sucked as I was before. I believe a relationship with benefits will be more profitable for me and my future partner.

    So I've come to the conclusion that I need to retire for good, stay away from the hobby temptation and try me new plan. The problem is that last time, I've quit suddenly a this time, I wanna go a last run to get it out of my system. I'm currently planning a meeting with a super hot sp. If The email exchange is a guarantee of our future encounter, it's going to be amazing.

    I was just wondering if you ever have thought about it and what was your plan/idea?

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    I have never understood this concept, although it comes up fairly often.

    Why would you want to retire? I totally do not get it.

    The advantage of commercial sex is that the ladies we see can always be of a certain age or a certain look that the customer desires. I understand a "non-John" guy who is of the attitude that his relationship partners should be among his peer group deciding to retire, so his pleasant memories of his conquests will not be tainted by having sex with women whose breasts drop below her belly button. But that does not apply to a purchaser in a commercial sex environment.

    I understand not overdoing it, so each encounter is fun and unique. Just like you would not really want to eat a steak dinner every night - the steak would not taste good anymore. And I understand cutting back if a guy is spending the milk money. And I understand foregoing the direct purchase of sex during early parts of a dating or marriage relationship when euphoria makes a guy believe she is the one and only one.

    But as far as retiring entirely, I don't get it. You fuck girls until the day you die. And since you probably die when you are old, purchasing it is part of the aging process. It is one of the reasons that you save. I saw a really, really old guy being helped into a go go bar in Thailand by three Thai chicks. My reaction was damn, I hope I can do the same when I am his age.

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    I'm 30 and relatively new to the game ( only 44 appointments this year ) but one thing I know:

    I'll never retire.

    Even if I fall in love with the girl of my dreams. Yeah I'll like her...but love is one thing and sex is another. Life is too short to stop. It's my guilty pleasure, je l'assume, it is what it is.

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    Only because the suit doesn't suit me. i've met gorgeus sp, some really smart one but the thing is that a had a blast when i was able to have a connection with them. I understand you guys, the hobby is great if it fulfill your needs but reality is it doesn't for me. I'm not shy to say that i've had the sex with sp but as fun as it can be, i need more and it would fucking stupid to look for more in the SP world. it's like buying pastries at the grocery store, it's offered but ....

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    I have never viewed it as an either/or thing.

    Pursue girlfriends / wives for emotional connection, fun/companionship, production of offspring, and sex.

    Anything missing on the sex part, see escorts. The more that is missing on the sex part, the more escorts you see.

    And don't fucking tell the girlfriends/wives about the escorts.

    Realistically, no significant other will ever be able to match the variety of looks and offerings available from all the escorts you see.

    And escorts do not provide you with emotional connection beyond the hour, nor any offspring (you hope).

    I just do not see it as an either/or, requiring retirement. Although the chick at the church get together for adult singles might laugh when you tell her that you officially retired from seeing escorts in order to fully pursue a committed relationship.

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    I have retired twice, once for a commited, deeply loyal relationship with my fiancè that lasted a few years, ending right before this summer..
    And the second time was this summer when i dated a courtesan.
    Now i am fully commited to myself and don't have any immediate or future plans to quit hobbying anymore, ever!
    Of course there are events that transpire in life that can come at any moment and change everything but i enjoy hobbying and some courtesans bring me more than the best of my most deeply commited relationships ever could. Plus i enjoy my alone time and seeing sp's gives you a magic off switch that you couldn't necessarily push with a gf or wife.

    The real key is knowing how to hobby..
    You go see the right girl for the right thing? Its quite simple actually.
    You don't go see lydhia for passionate lovemaking while making eye contact with intense cuddling and mutual caresses..and you dont go see cinderella for hair~pulling, anal and hardcore pse sex

    If you want to have the best natural, down to earth, simple yet complex girl as a dinner date who will make every second with her feel like the world has stopped spinning? And only the 2 of you are moving at the right don't call up some random girl on backpage? You book with amelie gray

    Picking the perfect girl for the perfect time is a big step in hobbying correctly and never getting fed up, or being deceived.
    I prefer maintaining one special regular, having one on call for certain fetishes, and having a specific girl for every specific need that i maintain friendships with.
    Following these guidlines leads me to believe i can hobby until my death and still be satisfied
    "Scars remind us where we've been. They don't have to dictate where we're going"

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    Wow! Once are stealing the words right off my keyboard.

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    Lily from Montreal
    If you put aside the money consideration of course, I would think that for a gentleman a good time to retire would be when your mind can but your body is not following...
    I've had a few meetings when I was worrying I had killed my date and some where no matter what nothing is happening,it is hard on my ego...

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    Thanks for your input. I believe that you are right. But again, I'm realizing that I want the impossible perfect solution : flirt, teasing, sex, a little intimacy but no relationship. Am I looking forward for something impossible, probably yes! But I guess I still wanna give it a one last try...


    Although it never happened to me (thank god!), I must say that flirt and teasing will always amplifie the pleasure that I can have with a lady, sp or not. I need the build up to really enjoy it. As I said, the best sex that I've had as been with spas. Maybe I need a long break instead of retirement lol

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    It's complicated lol

    I really enjoy meeting the variety of girls out there with no strings attached, yet I don't have fun just to drop my pants and go for it.

    I really enjoy meeting the girls that stimulate me intellectually, but then I find it gets boring for both sides and I need to move on

    I don't really particularly enjoy the hunt.

    I probably should retire lol.

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    It was a tough decision, and one I just made. Due a to major change in my relationship status, and being I want to give 100% to the relationship I have decided to retire. You never know if things change or not, so who knows whether I will be back. I figure that if I keep the hobby as a back up that I am not fully committing myself into the relationship, and that isn't fair to anyone.

    That being said, I will miss all the lovely women I have had a chance to be with and who have been quasi regulars for me. They know who they are.

    Merb had been a great tool in my adventures.

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    Like Patron I've never seen this hobby as anything to retire from. It seems to me like you would be retiring from eating your favorite ice cream. For me you either you have some when you want it or you have found something else more appealing.

    Some people love the life of selecting different hot women all the time. Like WasteIslander and I many would stop if they got into a great relationship. For me it's a fall back option. When there's someone I'm seeing I don't bother with escorts, when there's no special lady around I'm calling for escorts. The idea of retirement does not fit into that.
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    Don't call it a retirement then, how about a possible extended hiatus?

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    3 reasons to retire

    -I run out of hobby money
    -My dick don't work
    -I find true love

    "Just When I Thought I Was Out.....They Pull Me Back In!!!"

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    Quote Originally Posted by TheDon View Post
    3 reasons to retire

    -I run out of hobby money
    -My dick don't work
    -I find true love

    Ah, it is everybody dream to die while fucking. Regrettably our transition from healthy life to death goes through unpleasant stages of declined abilities and illness. So you retire by attrition: calling girl first every week, than every other week, than every month and finally calling duo to see girls having sex with each other when you are sipping some wine… After this you retire and promptly die.

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