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Thread: Roadtrip

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    Cool Roadtrip

    A few of us from the TERB board are planning on visiting Montreal in a month or two. The plan is to take the train, bring along some SPs that we know and socialize in Montreal for a weekend. The SPs that are coming along with us are looking to meet local clientelle. The guys are looking to meet Montreal area SPs. We all were thinking of seeing if anyone was interested in organizing a MERB party, similar to the very successful (and fun!!!) TERB parties we have enjoyed all too much.

    If you are interested in organizing a party (we'll help!), meeting up with our group, or providing info on places to stay (probably 5-10 rooms needed) please feel free to PM me or just reply here. We would certainly like to meet everyone.
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    Sounds like fun, I'm in!

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    Fabulous idea count me in as well
    Please let me know approximately when.
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    Glad to see the interest. Most likely this will take place end of Sept or sometime in Oct. Let me know if you are from the Montreal area and want to help or if you are somewhere else and wanting to roadtrip with us. PM is fine if you wish.

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    The train trip sounds like a great idea!

    But I wonder if SP's from Toronto really want to go to Montreal for business. The rates there are among the lowest in Canada, and the ladies among the youngest and most attractive. Going where the competition is steeper and the rates are lower does not make a lot of sense.

    MOntreal SP's coming to Toronto seems like a better plan.

    Still, love the idea of a train trip.

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    will u stop by ottawa

    pick me up at ottawa,
    if my schedule allowed me to

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    Originally posted by Paul Waters
    But I wonder if SP's from Toronto really want to go to Montreal for business.
    The SPs from Toronto (and Niagara Falls) are already tentatively lined up, just waiting for confirmation of travel dates from us. Some are looking at it as a weekend away, some as a business opportunity. But they are definately up for it and ready to go. We've got the commitments, subject to schedule conflicts.
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    Cool PARTY!

    Count me in!! Can a firm date in September be set now?

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    Maybe I can Help :)

    Here is some hotel suggestions:

    Hotel E. Nelligan. in Old Montreal, very nice bar, and the service is excellent!

    Hotel Le Germain, down town, near Mc Gill University.

    Hotel Gault (new) Old Montreal...

    Hotel Sofitel down town. (but rooms are very small)

    Hotel Le St Sulpice (Very nice, but maybe a bit expensive) Old Montreal also.

    Hotel Loews Vogue: Down town, in the center of all the action, but not SP friendly (you need a key to access any floor).

    Some restaurant suggestions:

    Ferreira (French Italian) a great ambiance!!!
    Tsirco (Italian) Jazz band on week-ends..
    Alexandre (french). Waitresses are very sexy
    Bice (Italian). Excellent food.
    The cube.
    Sophia (same as Bice)
    Buena note (same as Sophia and Bice)
    Troika... (Russian) my favorite but maybe too romantic for 10 guys

    I know a lot of very very sensual young lady's, but I'm not sure if I'm allowed to post their links here. Please let me know if I can.

    By the way!!! Traveling one night by train in the sleeping compartment with someone special. humm... It is some thing I always wanted to try.

    Warmly, Melanie from FKSociety

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    Re: Maybe I can Help :)

    Originally posted by fksociety
    romantic for 10 guys

    I know a lot of very very sensual young lady's, but I'm not sure if I'm allowed to post their links here. Please let me know if I can.
    You are more than welcome to post links here as long as they are within the context of a discussion. Only blatant spam is disallowed.

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    fksociety obviously has great taste in restaurants and hotels-these are higher end places and amongst my favs as well.
    btw dont forget GLOBE-fyi...most of the waitresses are from the modelling agency upstairs-but do not have your typical rue St.Laurent attitude..there is also Queue de Cheval-a Mortons like Highend Steak house-great but again bring your $$ For pints and pub food try out McKibbons or Hurleys.
    and for hotels the Hotel St.Paul (home to Cube restaurant)

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    Room for 1 more

    Please count me in if you are planning a trip in mid to late october.

    For those travel on a shoestring, I suggest using Priceline. For montreal downtown 3-star hotels, they are around $35 to $45 US dollars. I stayed at a few decent sp friendly hotels near downtown around that range.

    In term of restaurants, again, for those with shoestring budget, I have tried those suggested by Dave (of SinCity):

    Ouzeri on St Denis (just north of Mt Royal - metro stop mt royal) -

    Greek restaurant, very reasonable price for very very good food.
    Amelio on Milton - Italian restaurant. Again, very good food for very good price.

    Please pm for dates.


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    Thanks for the latest bits of info. Very helpful. The trip is still on but dates are not yet finalized. I will post as soon as details are available. If you have the time and are feeling adventurous, come to the TERB party June 26 at Seductions in Niagara Falls. If you are an SP, I'm sure we can pre-arrange something to assure it is worth your time. If you are a Merbite you'll have a blast!

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    Thumbs up Still on

    We are looking at taking this trip the weekend of 6 Sept, 20 Sept or 18 Oct. Any SPs reading this thread who would like to be involved please post or PM me so we can start on some of the finer details!

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    This sounds like fun

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