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Thread: company christmas parties !

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    company christmas parties !

    So here we are again, Christmas just around the corner and its the time for company christmas parties. That's the time when rumors start or have one drink to much and you put the moves on that sexy co-worker and try something naughty !
    I would like to hear some funny or sexy stories that anyone as seen or been in during company Christmas parties i'm sure that there must be some good ones out there ?

    let me start with one , during a christmas party thrown by a well known modeling agency in montreal and you good imagine that there were many goregeous women attending. My business partner and I had the pleasure of being invited since we are involved in the entertainment industry and often got to meet or see some of those models that were at the party but purily on a business level example during commercial shoots or casting sessions. However during this party some of the models there were aware that our agency was casting for certain roles in a certain movie that was going to be filmed in montreal. Well the rest is history, lets say that the bathrooms were very popular,as they say in the entertainment industry its not who you know but its who you blow !!!

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    Red face No, I am not bi.

    I got so drunk at my Christmas party once that I blackholed and couldn't remember a thing. A week or so later I was flipping through a stack of pictures of the event and came upon a shot of my best friend kissing me on the lips !!!! With the entire room looking on in hysteria! Apparently we were playing a dare game and someone dared him to kiss me. I'm SO happy I don't remember this. I didn't even win anything and he smokes cigarettes too, I hate kissing an ash tray!!! LOL

    Anyone think they can top that? I dare you.

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    Thought this might be a good thread to mention that if anybody needs a dates for their company christmas party I am available and have special rates for such occasions.

    They will forget what you said,
    they will forget what you did,
    but they will never forget the way you made them feel.

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    I don't have a funny story that I can think of now.I just went to my day job company's party( I'm a web chat hostess) Friday night. We went to a pretty nice place on Crescent . After almost finishing eating ,My friend and I went downstairs to the bar to have some privacy . My did the shots flow in ! The barmaid asked us what kind of company our party was as her boss had been planning for a long time. She was curious I guess, maybe because we made out , pretty discreetly though , and since we were 36 and only 4 were men from our party.The waitress were nice but one of them asked my friend and I what kind of company we worked for , as there were 2 guys with about 30 pretty girls! I let her do the talking. My boss rented some nice black stretch limos for us and we had champagne and headed to a club to dance . I drank far too much and may not be returning to that club for a while .

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