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    Virgin Mobile

    A friend of mine sent me this number to Virgin Mobile support. You have to call this because I don't know if it's for real or some one just f'ing around but it may not last long. Don't call if you are easily ethnically insulted. Let me know what you think.

    1 888 353 7667

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    This must be a joke

    I'm listening to this as I am writing this post. I can't beleive someone is actually paying for an 800 line and recorded this fake support line rubbish. I doubt very much Virgin is behind this. If so someone will be fired. I guess its intent is to make people laugh, be I didn't. I don't deam it to be insulting, just stupid. Or its just my French quebecer sense of humour and good taste that fails to see the funny side of this phone system.

    It must be another great initiative from
    (insert your favorite scapegoat province, state or country).
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    Talking This is not a joke...

    I did some research and Virgin is really behind this. Go to this link:

    The number is in fact: 1-888-elf-poop

    I don't what kind of susbtances their using, but they should consider to change the stuff they smoke...

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