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Thread: Rates and Duos?????????

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    Rates and Duos?????????

    I did look for an existing thread and did not find anything matching my question, if there is one, merge away.

    Now, over the past year, i have seen reviews of duos and ads for duos, my question is, how is a rate agreed upon by the ladies?

    I ask cause, when one lady charges 200$ an hour and 400$ an hour for duos and then another lady charges 300$ an hour and 550$ an hour for duos, how is the rate going to reflect if these two ladies get together for a duo?

    Some websites are plain and simple, ladies state that " Judy and myself partake in duos at 650$ an hour.

    Then there is the ads that just reflect the hourly rate for a single session for 200$ an hour and no mention of duo and another lady states her hourly rate is 300$ an hour with no mention, now these two ladies get together and what is the agreed upon rate?

    If this is in some way none of my business and its between the ladies then ok.....

    Thor Jr

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