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Thread: Bonne Fete Steely Dan

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    Smile Bonne Fete Steely Dan

    It was a pleasure to have met you last year mi amigo

    Enjoy your day

    I hope to see you soon

    Best Regards

    Savoir Faire Is Everywhere !!!

    Trying one day to be " In the Know "

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    Happy birthday Steely: all the best!

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    Bonne Fete SD! I hope you have a wonderful day and a great year ahead, you are a really nice guy and a even better friend. See you soon!
    VIP-9 Fall 2016 but first XO-1 The Loft Party!

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    Happy Birthday steely Dan!!

    Hope to have a drink with you at the next party!

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    Bonne fête mister Dan
    Donner une deuxième chance a quelqu'un qui ta trahi c'est comme donner une deuxième balle a quelqu'un qui ta manqué!!!

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    Happy Birthday !!!
    It was a pleasure to meet you and talk with you at VIP4.

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    Happy bday mr. steely dan
    have a good one

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    Happy birthday

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    Happy Birthday to you SD.
    We should all chip in and buy you a bar stool from the Playboy Mansion.

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    Happy birthday, SD. All the best!
    "Never Trump"

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    Bonne Fete charmant jeune homme ;-)

    Bizou xxx

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    Happy Birthday Dan!

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    Bonne fête!
    Gabrielle Garnier, Your Exquisite Companion.

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