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Thread: Habs ice capades

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    Habs ice capades

    No, not a thread lamenting their recent play. Rather a question. I grew up watching college and minor league hockey years ago, but I only saw my first major league game last week. Other than the unnecessary pounding music and flashing lights every time play stopped (a disease common to professional sports these days), I thoroughly enjoyed the game. In fact, I can't wait to attend another one.

    A few times each period there would be a stop in play and a small team of men with shovels would come out and, finely choreographed, would shovel off the ice shavings. Now this is something that I don't remember ever seeing in college or minor league hockey. So my question: is this a necessary mid-period maintenance of the ice? Or is it a TV timeout during which they do some clean-up? Or did they always do this at every competitive level and I just don't remember?

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    It's necessary maintainance.

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    Good to know!

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    In most of the other NHL arenas, beautiful young ladies take care of those chores. For whatever reason, probably it has to do with the Molson family's old-time values, they still have guys doing this thankless job at habs games.

    By the way, one thing i can't stand when i attend a game at the Bell Centre: the excessively loud noise from the p.a. system and its crappy music. Why so damn loud?? I felt sorry for old lady Beliveau the last time i was there. She sat right in front of me behind the habs bench and had her hands to her ears half the time. Couldn't blame her. Either the people in charge of the sound are deaf, stupid or on drugs!

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