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Thread: A nice hotel to spend Valentine's Day

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    A nice hotel to spend Valentine's Day

    Hey guys,

    I've been looking in the threads to help me find what I want But there're is too much to go through

    Was hoping some of you have a lot experience in this.

    I'm looking for a nice hotel For V day like the W, Sofitel, or crystal that is downtown, bedrooms with mirrors lol and a spa. I know the Chablis has mirrors but that place is a dump.

    Budget is 200-350 a night.


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    both the vogue , and le st martin are very romantic , whirlpool rooms , or huge soaker tubs , but not cheap

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    Vogue has mirrors that run the length of the front wall of the room, but Omni and Sheraton both have rooms with mirrors looking at the beds such that one can view the action (especially good if you like to view action while in the doggie-style position). Hotel Le St. Martin is also good, and I like that hotel. Vogue and Omni I like best of the 4 I mentioned. All 4 are in the downtown core. Omni and St. Martin are within a block of each other and Vogue is a very, very short walk from Crescent Street.

    Vogue has loveseats in front of the beds and as I recall, you could (maybe) see the action in those beds but you would have to be facing the end of the bed and you are further away so glasses may be needed LOL. Those mirrors are all across one wall so I found that I was constantly looking at myself which was somewhat distracting, plus the TV is in the middle of the wall with the wall-length mirror! Weird! The rooms at the Vogue are HUGE.

    Omni is also good, and there is cheap (relatively) garage parking across the street Metcalfe for $17.75 a night. Otherwise they valet it into that garage for you at $35 per. I parked in the same garage when staying at Hotel St. Martin.

    None of those 4 are bad choices, Vogue and Omni the best, filed by Hotel Le. St. Martin and then Sheraton.

    I got Vogue and Hotel Le. St. Martin for $175 range a night, on Priceline Express, but you can do much better than that now.

    BTW this thread should be posted in the Hotel Forum and not in the Lounge.

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    thanks a lot guys... Vogue is very interesting.. Any other suggestions? we can forget the mirrors lol

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    For that amount, did you ever think about booking a killer apartment on Airbnb ?

    Best Regards

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    Trying one day to be " In the Know "

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    I did,

    but we want the king/queen experience lol (with a budget), we want the room service, be close to downtown to chill at indigo (we love doing this) and go to our fav restos, we want a decent view, we need the coziness, easy access to a spa would be killer
    We both work hardcore hours... and we just want to indulge. I'm bringing my chromecast so we can just continue watching netflix like vegetables. The only effort we are putting in is the actual 4 day fuck fest that we've planned to have. For kicks I suggested that i write up a sex contract for that weekend like in 50 shades of grey, she was fucking down

    I liked St-Martin suggestion
    We've both done the Sheraton
    I liked the Omni suggestion
    Although the Vogue looks really nice, it doesnt really fit any of our criteria
    Sofitel is nice, but expensive
    then i kept searching for more hotels, then it got worse.... too many to choose from.

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    damn not all hotels have duvets wtf

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    in Orford there is nice forfet, i know its not montreal but.. it worth it

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