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    I m pretty new in this board. Actually, my first trip to montreal is schedule for Dec 29 to Jan 3. Just wondering if anybody knows about affortable hotes -- not sleep overnight but just to see an escort. I will really appreaciate any type of help and will post all my in-calls and out calls reviews in this board



    ps. you can also PM me

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    The Chablis on St Jacques (514) 488-9561 rents rooms out for a four hour period. It's probably the most well-known short term motel rental in Mtl.

    The rooms you get usually has a fridge and FREE porn if that interests you at all.

    I don't know current rates, but it should be roughly around $40 per four hour rental.

    Another option would be the Colibri, just down the st. from the Chablis on St. Jacques. A buddy who rents there informed me that their rate is $25 per four hour rental.

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    You are better off at le chablis, the colibri is clean but thier beds are very uncomfortable and thier rooms are smaller, you are better off paying the extra $15 at le chablis, the difference in price is well worth it.

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    I finally checked out the Chablis' web site. Wow, it's actually more acceptable than I thought it would be. Given the previous descriptions of the place, I thought it would be a run down place. I like the fact that the hotel is purposely built for romantic meetings judging by the open tub areas, bar, and full length mirrors. The only remaining questions are how safe is the place, and how far of a walk is it from the nearest Metro? I obviously don't plan to stay there longer than 4-5 hours.

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    What do you mean by,

    how safe is the place
    ? With regards to what ? What are you worried about ? Are you from Montreal ?

    It's not near a Metro station, you might want to take a cab from the Vendome Station, which is the closest.

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