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Thread: A whirwind tour of my 2005 sexcapades

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    A whirwind tour of my 2005 sexcapades

    Please allow me to introduce myself. The General is a sweet, charming, passionate and intelligent man who finally succumbed to this ``hobby`` several months ago (the General is no match for Queen Ovary!). I was immediately hooked to reading the numerous posts, however, the great majority of what is posted did not meet the General`s criteria of well thought out posts. The General is dismayed at the weakness of the male species and it shows in many of the useless posts that are transfixed on silly acronyms.

    First, before I begin my whirlwind tour, let me share with you what I feel is necessary to achieve a fantastic encounter with a lady. The General always follows the basic etiquette of being properly groomed for every encounter. Just because you are forking over some money for sexual services does not mean you are allowed to forego some basic hygiene. The General believes that a lot of empathy will get you over the YMMV hump.

    Second, it is always nice to seduce a lady. The art of conversation is rarely mentioned in posts but the General feels that sex per se is mechanical and boring without a true meeting of the minds. Most males forget that women do not think like us. A lady always wants to be treated like a lady and this includes SPs. But if you are able to `reach her mind` before the act itself, then you`re in for a great experience.

    Now, let me delve right into my 2005 sexcapades. I first noticed the Montrealescorts site a while back and began to research SPs that offer incalls. My first encounter was with Isabella Sweet. Needless to say, while her pictures look great, her service was less than inspiring.

    The General suffered some minor casualties in this battle but he remained undetered and chalked it up to rooky mistakes. I immediately started to research for an SP with experience and this led me to an encounter with the incomparable Lily Love. This was the General`s most intense sexual experience of his life. Forget that she is a grandmother and over 50 (looks like forty and has the bod of a 36 year old babe). I am in my mid thirties but I would challenge any man to keep up with Lily`s libido. It was a full 50 minutes of 69 that blew me away. More importantly, when I begged for mercy and asked her for a breather, we had a fifteen minute discussion that really blew me away. Older SPs like Lily are true gems since they have many battle scars and you can learn an awful lot about life by talking to them. The General has many degrees but truly values her wordly knowledge. Lily takes time to volunteer every year and she has a heart of gold. I would seriously recommend her to anybody but be warned: she will suck all the energy right out of you and leave you gasping for air.

    After Lily, the General needed to regroup and went on a massage spree like no other. Spa Isis gets a notable mention for clean and open rooms with decent showers but for extra mileage try Clara at Lotus after a few visits. But the best MP in Montreal by far is Maeva at Salon d`Or ( who used to work at Centre Kama as Stephanie. Gentlemen, this is a gem who knows how to deliver a true Thai massage. She is gorgeous and sweet and also has endured many battle scars but her sensuality is unsurpassed.

    The General then went back to look for an independent SP who offers incalls and fell upon another gem: Marjorie. The only advice I will offer to you is to take the Victoria bridge to reach her in the South Shore but once you get there you will not be disappointed. Marjorie is an undiscovered gem on Merb and she is amazing. Before I get bombarded with silly querries, she offers a CBJ but who cares since it felt like a ! She wears stockings to bed but again she is sensual, sweet and is truly feminine.

    I have written enough and I am getting tired. The General looks forward to some great exchanges but they will few and selective. Notable mentions go to some senior members like EB, Lionheart, Regnad, Sexdor, Robin and many others. Some final words to newbies: take your time and DO NOT ACT ON IMPULSE! You will learn that it is not the quantity but the quality that matters most.

    That is all for now folks,

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    General :

    First, welcome to this board. This is by far one of the best introduction post I've seen from a new member. Thank you for sharing with us your experiences and your interesting thoughts, all of which I agree with.

    With your approach towards the hobby, I'm sure you will enjoy many other satisfying encounters.

    Looking forward reading other contributions from you.

    Lion Heart

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    Lion Heart,

    Thank you for posting excellent comments. I must admit Sammy and Chloe have been on my radar screen for a while! They seem to be exactly what the General needs...


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    Very nice!


    Have to go on the same road as Lion Heart ... it's a very good introduction you've made there. Welcome to the board! I wish that many more take your exemple to do so. I did red your post yesterday, but as a newbie myself, a had to do some lessons before replying to it.

    I really enjoyed reading your fisrt post for many reasons:

    1- You talk about you and how you feel about woman and, without using unappropriate words, you did express some personnal opinions that are diffrent to others;

    2-Obviously, you did look pretty much how merb was and got into reading reviews and more before jumpimg into this world, wich was a excellent thing to do and so many people foget;

    3-Thank's for charing your experiences on the board, not only the information was realible but all of them was diversefied and well comment.

    Well here you go and, to add my personnal touch, have fun on the yellow brick road!

    The Wizard of Oz

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    Quote Originally Posted by General Gonad
    Lion Heart,

    Thank you for posting excellent comments. I must admit Sammy and Chloe have been on my radar screen for a while! They seem to be exactly what the General needs...

    The General can't go wrong with Miss Samantha. She's simply one of the best out there.

    As for Chloë, she has made a brief comeback recently, during which I was fortunate to see her again, but only to retire for a second time this year. Probably for good, but who knows for sure.

    Lion Heart
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