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Thread: Stupidity With iPhones

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    Stupidity With iPhones

    So I am on vacation in Florida and went to the swimming pool and some silly lady left her iPhone on the tile swimming pool deck, about 10" from the edge of the pool, and I didn't see it and stepped on it and heard a crunching noise. I looked at the phone and didn't see any apparent damage but did hear a crunch. She is lucky I didn't kick the phone into the pool.

    I didn't see the iPhone for 2 reasons: (1) it was partially hidden from view by a pool chair that the lady had pulled up to the edge of the pool but was still in the path of pedestrian traffic along the pool; and (2) as I entered the pool deck area with my pool bag, a lady in the pool called out to me due to recognizing the name of the school on my T shirt. I then stopped and talked to her and I was backing up when I stepped on the iPhone.

    Why are people so careless with the most valuable piece of electronic equipment that most people own?????

    By the way the phone owner got out of the pool and collected her iPhone and left without comment. However I feel if the iPhone was in any way damaged its her fault. What do you think?

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    Easy... no iPhone no problems
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    Not your fault. Most people don't know how to take care of their valuables

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    Thats why i put my sim in my s5 when its pool time, i take it swimming with me
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    It looks like the State of Florida has adopted a "comparative negligence" standard of liability for tort damages. Lucky for you she didn't even notice the damage. I would have loved to have see her face when she tried to use the iphone. Maybe she will learn - probably not.

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    Even considering the comparative negligence of the lady for stupidly laying her iphone next to the pool against EB's accidentally stepping on it I would say she would be 90% liable EB-10% at most.

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    It could have been worst: someone could have steal her iPhone

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