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Thread: Energy drinks and performance issues

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    Energy drinks and performance issues

    I have been reading into the side effects of energy drinks and came upon a lot of information about the health issues, and the 2 that stuck out to me was the ED and the low sperm count, which also includes performance in the bedroom, the other issues are important also but these really bothered me.

    If the articles i read have any merits, then i think its time to rethink the energy drink consumption and to concentrate on my performance. As age will one day be a factor , why hinder performance with something i have control of and that's not to drink energy drinks.

    I don't smoke, do not drink coffee or soda and i like out door activities, so i am healthy to a point, i do consume alcohol but i am not a closet drinker, and i mean that i don't drink alone, and rarely during the weekdays and sometimes even go weeks without it, and when it comes to an evening with a beautiful lady, then she will have the power, what i mean by this is, if she doesn't indulge, neither will i, like i said, i don't drink alone. And i am glad for the ladies who don't drink, it sometimes turns out to be a nice and quiet evening, but don't get me wrong, i love to share a bottle or 2 with the right lady, you do some crazy shit when alcohol is thrown into the mix but crazy fun can be had without it.

    Ok, so what is on your minds about energy drinks and performance and do you really think it can have an effect on your sperm count? Or do you just pay it no attention?

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    Had an energy drink once and that was the last time ( two cups of strong coffee and I vibrate ), if I am planning to see a SP I do not drink coffee that day, I notice a difference. I told my kids that energy drinks are not allowed in my house, there is plenty of fresh veggies and fruit all the time and we eat well. Drink lots of water and eat well plus sleep and there should be no need for an energy drink. Quick story: We had a healthy farm kid working for us, partied a bit, breakfast and lunch was energy drinks and chocolate bars, had to haul him out of the bush to the hospital, after doc looked at his test results first question was, What energy drink do you take? Then the lecture came.

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    Energy drinks and caffeine should not be recommended for great sex since they elevate pulse rates and blood pressure. High blood pressure can often cause impotence.

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