View Poll Results: Which of the following provinces/states is the best place to spend money on an SP?

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  • Quebec (Montreal, Quebec City, Gatineau, etc.)

    45 93.75%
  • Ontario (Toronto, Ottawa, Windsor, etc.)

    2 4.17%
  • New York (New York City, Buffalo, Albany, etc.)

    0 0%
  • Massachusetts (Boston, etc.)

    0 0%
  • Other State in New England

    1 2.08%
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Thread: If you had a choice...

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    If you had a choice...

    Which of the following provinces/states is the best place to spend money on an SP? Assume no distance considerations (i.e. don't take into account time and associated expense to get to that particular province/state).

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    Wow, it looks like Quebec is winning by a landslide! I guess someone should let Jay-z know that when he visited Toronto, he only hit the tip of the iceberg for Canadian SPs.

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    Not fair

    The comparaison is not even fair at all, taken into consideration pricing, choices and attitude it will be difficult to argue against MTL.
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    I haven't tried the other places, but I'd return to Montreal.

    I don't know the purpose of this poll, because it's going to be pretty biased.

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    Why include US locations on here?

    How about doing the same poll on TBD and TER, and including Canadian cities?

    Every locale will have their own favorite SPs, and will vote for themselves.

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    Quote Originally Posted by lovin spoonful
    ...I don`t know the purpose of this poll, because it`s going to be pretty biased.

    Actually it won`t be because I plan to combine the results from this poll with a concurrent poll I`ve posted on the Toronto board (

    The current overall total is Quebec 33, Ontario 24, USA 0.

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    Including the Ontario review board votes the count now stands at Quebec 51, Ontario 27 and USA 1. Believe it or not, Ontario will probably win on the other board despite an apparent landslide on this board.

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    Its a no contest, Montreal wins hands down!!

    Montreal is known all over the world for having some of the most beautifull women in the world with some of them being escorts thank god!! , you can bunch the rest of those provinces/states together in the rankings which is a very distant second or dead last.

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