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Thread: Best time of year to hobby

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    Best time of year to hobby

    What do you guys think is the best time of year to hobby? The city is great in the summer with women in tank tops and such, but a lot of top talent is on vacations. Sometimes everyone is booked due to festivals, and hotel rates can be high. In the winter there are less people in the city, and it can be downright frigid, plus winter travel sucks. That said bars are hopping during hockey season, and booking isn't as difficult spring can be fun but varies wildly. So what do you guys think?

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    I think the spring and fall are the best times. The least amount of girls are on vacation during these times.
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    I would say the fall. Kind of back to school moment when nice student type girl needs more money

    Summer is great for just walking around in Montreal. Just yesterday as I was about to take the subway at Berri when I came across 2 girl, one of them was wearing a nice sunshine dress that let you see completely through it. I could not believe how sexy it was so I kept walking behind them, admiring her nicely shape ass with the complete contrast of her black thong. This is to me what beauty of life is all about. A nice young looking women at perfect ease with showing her sexy body. A minute later I came across a girl with a short tank top with "Funk me" written on it which gave a complete view of her bra which was very tight on the side, showing a lot of side boobs. And to finish I am back at parc gamelin near the subway when I came across 3 girls who were following the free the bra trend going on right now. Heck this trend has even reach high school student here in Quebec with the aim of desexualizing the woman nipple. I am old school so it actually gave me a semi-erection to see these 3 girls with their boobs bouncing freely in their t-shirt. I made myself a promise to go downtown more often! Ok sorry to be off topic, I just had to write about it! I just like women I guess. Am I normal?


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    For me, it's definitely the winter. Lot's of girls, not many tourists, and much easier to book the girl you want. Get in a day of skiing in Vermont or NY and head over to Montreal for some fun.

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    I like the Fall. Really love the cool weather in Montreal. Summers are good but it is too humid and hot.

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    Interesting topic. I have learned to avoid holidays and not necessarily seasons. For example, my recent trip to Montreal happened to fall on a Canada day. I set up a date in the early morning with a top agency only to get a call back a few hours later to tell me the girl I booked called and decided not to come in. He said 5 of his girls decided not to come in and take the day off. So I called another agency and I set up 3-sum and then I got a call two hours later that one half of the 3-sum didn't show up because it was Canada day. I will list the following times I have been fucked by holidays:

    Thailand: The Kings Birthday - All the massage parlors and take out bars closed in Phukett. Hobby Disaster
    BA Argentina: Election Day - Swing clubs and bars closed
    Carnaval in Sao Paulo - slim pickens at the privies and they closed early
    Germany (forgot the Holiday in May) - Not too bad but a number of girls went home to take advantage of the long weekend.

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    Definitely during springtime - the Sp's are ripe and in season during spring!

    You could always gather a group of friends together and go SP-picking together, what fun!
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    I agree spring/fall is the best time for me too

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    The best time to hobby is when tourism is down, usually between September and May. The festivals season is usually a very busy time for sps. Same thing with weekends when there are industry parties going on. Lots of horny johns in town, which means that the most popular sps will usually be booked up.

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