I heard on the 940 yesterday that Canadas' new PM enlisted the help of a well known "liberal" (as his Interior Minister I believe). Something was said about him still carrying a "liberal card." Seriously now, do you really have to carry a card saying what party you belong too in Canada? Then I heard a bunch of liberals whining about feeling betrayed by this guy taking the job! What would they have him do? Retire? He is still serving his country after all. Why wouldn't they be happy that the new Conservative PM is diversifying his cabinet? Shouldn't this be viewed as an attempt to reach across the aisle so to speak and be inclusive rather than shut out the opposition? From what I understood the guy had worked for Paul Martin in the previous administration and was one of the best qualified people for the job but now is reviled by his old friends. Is it possible that Canadian politics are as wacked out as US politics?