Last night, 60 Minutes exposed yet another hypocritical policy of the Bush administration: their policy on human embryos in infertility clinics. In the name of Christianity, President Bush cannot accept that we develop the great potential of stem cells for therapeutic reasons and yet his administration turns a blind eye to the hundreds of thousands of embryos that are routinely disgarded every year in these clinics:

A Surplus Of Embryos

Feb. 12, 2006
(CBS) One of 10 couples in the United States is infertile, and more and more of them are seeking help through in vitro fertilization. In that process, eggs extracted from the woman are fertilized with the man’s sperm in a Petri dish and the resulting embryos are implanted back into the woman.

More embryos than are needed are often created and, as correspondent Lesley Stahl reports, it’s these surplus embryos that are at the center of a huge controversy because they contain very special stem cells that scientists believe are extraordinary, and have great promise of one day curing a range of diseases.

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