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Thread: Best time to come to Montreal for hobbying?

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    Best time to come to Montreal for hobbying?

    Hello. I live in NYC and want to come to Montreal. We have a board out here but it is nothing like this board. This one has great reviews and the information is very helpful.
    So what would a plane ticket cost me roughly and a hotel in a part of town that I dont need a car and could just order outcall? I checked cheaptickets, orbitz and it looks to be around $350-400 for the plane only.
    I would be out there for roughly 3-4 days.
    Thanks for any info you can help this newbie to get to lovely Montreal.

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    Anything in the "downtown" area is fine for Outcall and you need not to fear of any "extra charges" due to distance. And as in most cities, when you're downtown a car isn't mandatory.

    When it comes to booking your hotel, there are plenty of ways to do it. I for one like to bid for them on Priceline ( ). A good tip is to look for recent winning bids and/or ask for help at Bidding for travel ( ). If you don't like the risk or don't feel too confident in doing a bid, I suggest you take a look at the site that book hotel rooms, one that comes to my mind is Expedia ( ). You take a look around for downtown Montreal hotels, pick out a few in your price range, and then read review at Trip Advisor ( ) to make sure it fits your standard.

    I also think there is a tread in here that list hotels that are not friendly to SP (although that's a minority). Maybe someone has the link and could add it to this tread.

    That's how I do it, maybe someone can complete my statement, and feel free to PM me if you need more help !

    Have fun ...

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    there is "no" bad time........


    Personally speaking,........
    I just spent 4 days in spectacular Montreal, Feb 15th through the 18th. I, like you, attempted to do the “cheaptickets, orbitz” route and had much better results doing the work myself.

    I flew out of Newark, N.J. on Air Canada Jazz. I chose the 11:30 am flight and after the 55 minute flight, getting detained in immigration for an hour and then the 20 minute cab ride, arrived at the Vogue shortly after 2:00pm.

    You can either take the $45.00 cab ride from the “big stink” to Newark or head down to Penn Station, NJ Coast Line, and get off at the third stop, the tram to the airport. The cost will be about third of the price, but leave yourself an hour for this part of the trip. Additionally, I have to believe this is easier then going to LaGuardia. My cost for the flight, roundtrip $267.47. With the price of gas, I could not have driven there this inexpensively.

    The car-ride to the Vogue, $60.00 CAN with tip, as I grabbed one of the car services situated outside the airport. I do not know what a taxi would have been.

    The Vogue ( Loews), as previously mentioned by Curious, worked just great for me. Located at 1425 Rue De Montagne, is less then one block from St. Catherine and one block over from Cressant. As I frequent Old Montreal and the Latin Quarter for dinner, the ride was never more then $10.00 CAN, in either direction under horrible driving conditions, snow/ice during my visit. In making my choice, besides being centrally located for my purposes and what I found to be reasonable, the thing that did it for me was, the 6 foot Jacuzzi tub and more then amble space for two,…… separate shower.

    In the event you are indulging in the superior companionship afforded by this great city, I found the “tub” to be much appreciated and worked great as an ice-breaker for my encounters. Note: If this appeals to you, bring a selection of scented candles, I chose seven, as all the bathroom lighting is controlled by one switch. Yeah, yeah,…. a little foofy eh, but there is something about a gorgeous, wet, romantic, indulgent women, shimmering in candlelight which just works,……for me! Also, the immensely comfortable king size bed, superior linens, comforter and pillows were great. A vanity area exists with a stool and well-lighted mirror which all of my visitors used and appreciated for regrouping. The cost, $169.00 per night/CAN ( Sarah in reservations), stay out of the mini-bar and purchase the wine, bottled water, whatever, outside,….. decent bottles of red were about $14.00 each, keep your phone calls to a minimum. I was told this should be the rate until the beginning of the summer, end of May, beginning of June.
    Eat breakfast at Eggsensation, ask for Steve, do not have dinner at the restaurant in the hotel, Cellini?, I feel, over priced and less then special.

    The lounge/sitting area is eventful while sometimes cramped, yet cozy, offers some amazing visual interest, usually shuts down about 1:00am. The hotel rooms/floors require a keycard for entry but I found this to be no big deal with visiting guests.

    Not my thing and not offering an opinion but, if you frequent strip-clubs, Wanda’s is right across the street. In the event your a goumba, like myself, or even if your not, La Sila @ 2040 Rue, St Denis and Galiano’s ( Manny, the owner ) @ 410 St. Vincent in Old Montreal will rival any Italian restaurant in Manhattan. In both cases, soup to nuts, wine and an exquisite meal, $140.00CAN with tip for you and the lady.

    Jesus,……probably more info then you need to know…….
    Have a safe, fun, great trip…….hopefully,..... you will hurt yourself!

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    These days, i noticed better packages offered by sites such as Expedia and Travelocity over Hotwire & PL. If someone wants to stay at the Vogue and they're flying into Mtl, check out the packages on Expedia & Hotwire. Travelocity & PL don't seem to have the Vogue in their lineup. I recently booked an upcoming trip for a good friend of mine and got him the Vogue. He saved hundreds of $$ by taking a package deal instead of getting his own airfare and then booking the Vogue separately.

    If you want to know which hotels are which on HW, check the packages which show the hotels you can chose from, write down the number of stars and amenities of each hotels, then go back and do a hotel search and make the comparisons. You can also check sites such as Bidding-for-Travel and Betterbidding for hints on how much the hotels are going for and where.

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    Yes, yes, you can all blame me for global warming and Bush's war for oil, etc...


    NYC to MTL = 400 miles. Round trip = 800 miles.

    At 20 mpg, that's 40 gallons of gas. At $2.50 a gallon, that's $100. Even if you're driving a Fordasaurus the gas will be $200.

    Time it correctly (as in, zero-dark thirty) and the border crossings, etc, should be a breeze. The trip can be made in 5 hours... assuming you drive like I do, which means triple digits once you're north of Albany.

    For me, personally, driving in the concrete canyons is a giant pain in the ass. I absolutely hate scheduling an hour for a twenty mile trip. Traffic sucks. BUT, if you like scenery, it's actually a very pretty drive, and I'd rather do three hours at 110 mph then one hour in traffic any day of the week.

    If you add in ALL the time a flight takes... upwards of 90 minutes early check in for international flights, the time it takes you to get there, etc, etc... flying will save you at most 3 hours of time. If you couldn't guess, I like driving instead of flying there.

    And if you give the border crossing guys a modicum of truth (I'm here for a weekend full of gambling, drinking, and strippers), it only takes you ten seconds to cross.

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    Great question…….for which I remain puzzled.

    So here is how it went.
    After my initial meeting with the customs agent upon arrival in Montreal, after handing him my passport and customs form, he asks me several basic questions, none of which are unusual, most of which I have answered many times on past trips to Canada, which include Toronto and Vancouver.

    At the culmination of our discussion, he directs me to the immigration office located across the hall and right behind his booth. I inquire as to the necessity of this visit and he suggests everything will be explained when I meet with the agent.

    Even though the line was not that long, I took about 20 minutes to meet with the customs agent in the immigration area. Again, I was asked almost the same questions. The agent makes notes specific to my answers, took my passport and asked me to wait in a seating area to the left. After about twenty minutes of waiting, the agent calls me back to his area and asks me the same questions again. Upon what I believe to be satisfactory responses, he hands me back my passport and customs form. I asked why I was directed to immigration and he directs me to the right, through two glass doors. Ok, fine, I am outta here,……….not!

    I make my way down to the baggage claim, carrousel area and all the bags are gone as nearly 40 minutes has now elapsed since my arrival.
    I find the Air Canada baggage holding area and after some momentary rummaging, find my bag. I make my way, following the sortie signs and just before I enter into the exiting area, I hand my passport and customs form to the last agent. She directs me into yet another holding area, behind a wall and just to the left of her little kiosk.

    Next up, a female, latex glove wearing agent who instructs me to place my carry on bag and checked luggage on the table. She proceeds to search, and I mean search everything. While the search is going on, she's asking me the same rudimentary questions. Upon satisfying her search criteria, 15 minutes later, I am finally free to go.

    Even though I never got a response from an official agent, an explanation was offered to me by a Montreal women, who’s company, I had the privilege of enjoying that evening, suggested she has had these experiences quite often. The following is what she offered:

    My passport,…I just renewed it prior to the trip.
    The fact this was my third trip to Montreal in the last 4 months, with short stays (4 days) and of the non-business, personal nature.
    The fact that I have traveled extensively throughout Canada, 20 times in the last several years, again, non-business, personal nature.
    Random, bad luck, shit happens.
    So, in answer to your question,……….I really do not know.

    In case you are curious, some of the questions:

    How bad was the recent snow storm in New Jersey?
    How long have I been a U.S. citizen?
    Have I ever visited Canada before?
    How often, where, when,…….how long are your stays?
    What is your order of business?
    Where am I staying,….address of the hotel?
    Do I have a confirmation number?
    Do I have any family residing in Canada,….Montreal.
    Is anyone picking me up at the airport?

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    Another shot......

    Doc Holliday:

    Thanks for the heads-up and your suggestions. I will give it another shot as I am planning to revisit the first or second week in April.

    “No one of us, knows more then all of us”

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    Do you think there was any kind of non-pattern profiling involved?

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    >Do you think there was any kind of non-pattern profiling involved?<

    Other then the fact I am a Polish guy trapped in a goumba’s body, I would have to say no. I really wish I new what prompted the event, as I would certainly change the routine, the response,..... whatever.

    On another note,….. much enjoyed your driving assessment.
    Yes, I too have done the drive more often then I care to admit. Although I do not drive a Fordasaurus, something more along the lines of an,……..Oldsmobuick, so yes, your gas-consumption-math is spot on. Your scenario brings a smile to my face and that section of 87, ah yes,..... the Northway is certainly spectacular, and right up until Keeseville, where I bought it bigtime in March of 93.

    Let me suggest, I did not make it to Montreal that trip. So my brother,..... whatever floats your boat and as you suggest, you enjoy driving and obviously have more balls then I, as I have experienced, and lived to tell about, a freak winter storm on the Interstate 87.

    So, what I am suggesting,… safe…… we will all be looking forward to your continued correspondence.

    I am stick'in with the plane, and thanks to "Doc", I know I will get a better deal when I return in April.

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    Thanks everyone for the great advice!
    I read TBD and the TER here in NYC and while it is ok..this site is really a wealth of information.
    Once I find something I will report back. It may take a while. I just got back from a trip overseas and so I have to sit tight for a little bit until I leave again.
    How many people on this board actually call Canada home? Is it the majority?
    If so.. you are very lucky! So many beautiful providers in one place. Most of the pretty ones in NYC are travelling.
    Not all....but a lot.

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    sit on this...Not all!


    >It may take a while. I just got back from a trip overseas and so I have to sit tight for a little bit until I leave again…..Most of the pretty ones in NYC are traveling. Not all....but a lot.<

    I know this is a departure from the original thread,......but I could not resist.

    You may already be aware…….
    Some suggestions to hold you over until you get your wings back. Please be mindful, incredible discretion and professional courtesy must be employed as the following fly very low and well under the radar. I know we as hobbyists can tend to get a little impatient, especially in the “big stink”, these are not the places for such behavior.

    If funding is not an issue,….. the first two are quite amazing.

    JB’s may be more in line with what one is accustom to and her incall has a great vibe.This is the only one of the three, which you will find any reviews on. As you mentioned TER, search under NYC, “wall street”, area code 212 and you will find an accurate, yet limited sampling.
    All the above offer in/out services. In the case of the first two, the in’s are interspersed throughout the city with a limited offering and may not be mentioned until a comfort level is established.

    Hopefully, this will make your wait a little easier……..
    Pain is a part of life at times,.....suffering is usually optional,... have fun!

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    I will add that Sunday and Monday night seems to have the poorest selection of girls. Tuesdya -Friday seems to have the most girls working and better choices can be made.

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    To our American visitors...

    Don't take the BS at the border personally. It happens to us too. Our immigration guys are one notch up from mall cops. They're just doing their jobs... whatever that is.

    When they examine Canadian citizens, they are primarily interested in collecting tax dollars on stuff purchased in the US. A few years ago, I was stopped for some mysterious reason, and my car searched on 5 consecutive trips while returning from day trips to New York State to ski. I was never given any reason for this. When I tried to pursue it with "higher ups" I was told that I would have to file a request for information under the Freedom of Information Act. It wasn't until I involved my MP (who was a personal friend) that it stopped...

    Just smile and try to clear all of the doobies out of your bags when you come!

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    Best time to come to Montreal???

    365 days a year!

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    Quote Originally Posted by hungry101 View Post
    I will add that Sunday and Monday night seems to have the poorest selection of girls. Tuesdya -Friday seems to have the most girls working and better choices can be made.
    I would agree Tuesday through Friday are your best bets. More and more agencies do pre-booking so consider that too.


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