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Thread: Those wacky Japanese

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    Those wacky Japanese

    Getting in one's gropes — for a price
    18 Feb 2006

    With all the commuter railways in Tokyo now operating women's only cars during rush hour, how's a groper gonna get his kicks? How about paying for it, suggests Tokusatsu Shinsengumi (Feb 18). The magazine introduces "Train Cafe," an establishment five minutes from the north exit of Tokyo's Ikebukuro station, where, after paying an initial membership of 5,000 yen, male customers can ride on a simulated commuter train — complete with hand straps — and fulfill their most perverted railway fantasies.

    "Female company employees or girls on their way home from school come to hang out at our shop," the manager tells Tokusatsu Shinsengumi's reporter. "But we operate differently from other coffee shops. Once each hour, we have an "all aboard" event, where the paying male members "board" the train together with the girls and engage in simulated 'chikan' (groper) play."

    The system calls for the male customers to remain standing in place, with women coming and going each time the train stops at the next "station" along the Yamanote loop line, during a 20-minute "ride" between Ikebukuro and Shinagawa.

    The management, to simulate realism, even provides next stop announcements that emanate from loudspeakers in a froggy, nasal voice.

    The customers are free to run their hands up a nearby girl's skirt or fondle her breasts from behind. Upon commencement of the action, the female employees may chose to whisper in hushed, desperate tones, "Ah! Iyaaaa. Yamete kudasai." (Ohh! Noooo, don't! Please stop it!)

    Finger contact beneath a girl's undergarments is forbidden, however, and girls will blow a whistle loudly to report a violation, setting the perpetrator up for "arrest."

    The charge for admission to Train Cafe is 2,000 yen, plus an additional 3,600 yen for 20 minutes of play. The "station" is also equipped with tables and chairs, where customers may sit down for a cordial drink with their victim afterward and be complimented on their techniques.

    As the girls are billed as "amateurs," they are free to "date" them afterwards, although on this particular day, Tokusatsu Shinsengumi's reporter said the girl had another engagement. The two exchanged cell phone numbers before she departed.

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    Among the wealthy nations of the world, Japan may be one of the few with a more f*&^ed up view of sexuality than the United States.

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    Reminds me of the nude car wash in Montreal where you could RENT a car if you didn't own one!

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