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Thread: Why all the mysterie

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    Why all the mysterie

    Can somebody tell me the whole mystery around ascort names. Why are these girls always changing names in the agencies. Don't they want to be found be customer old and new.

    For instance guy gives a good reveiw on this site you call the agency a week later and give the discription and boom the girl is now a new name. Tired of trying to find the girls described here and not getting them at the agencies. Or agencies [email protected]#$ with you to pass you onto one of their more unpopular models.

    Or maybe more sinister is the members on this site over selling the beauty of certain girls. Why do that if you get an ugly escort say so, fuck her as I do and then go on to the next. Hopefully the amount of people exagerating there stories on this site is limited.

    Well any comments let me know. This might be the begining of a good debate.


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    Talking Re: Why all the mysterie

    Originally posted by Simonl

    i give her my phone number! that symplified everithing.if she change place or name it s easy
    an sometime you have a good bargan.i fuck i girl once a mounth
    unlimited service travel her to the motel an back to her place so we talck for an hour an fuck hard for one hour plus .
    no rush for 100! an what a body! some other i play the game call the agency where she worck an you get from the girl good inside!.gaine her trust then if shes bored she could call you for a road trip ,restorent or a good ram!.

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